COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of our lives, and the kids are no exception– first, home-based learning (HBL) and now preponed holidays amidst the extended circuit breaker period. This means that your kids are going to be home for a while longer. 

As parents struggle to help kids transition to home-based online learning, there is a sudden surge in demand for high-quality and effective educational technology solutions. For most of us, this is all a bit sudden. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have much experience with edtech and online learning solutions. 

Before the pandemic, we barely saw e-learning as a necessity. It was just “nice to have” as an option or add on, but now things have changed (and that would be the understatement of the year). If you are anything like me, you might be struggling with questions like how to use these edtech apps, which websites to trust, are the paid ones better or will the free ones be enough, and so on. So, how do we go about this? 

Beware Of Hackers And Scammers

The biggest challenge when looking for online learning solutions and resources is the verification of credibility. Unfortunately, hackers, scammers and frauds have taken advantage of the pandemic to prey on unsuspecting online learners.  

Earlier this month, a hacking incident happened during a secondary one Geography class live streaming on Zoom. Hackers hijacked the stream, and bombarded the students with pornographic images and asked the 13-year old girls of the class to strip. For a brief period, the Ministry of Education (MOE) banned the use of Zoom for HBL after this unfortunate incident. However, the ban was lifted after the needed safeguards– three additional layers of defence– were put in place. 

If an incident of this magnitude can happen on a global video-conferencing app like Zoom, one can only imagine the limitations of unverified small organisations. Security is one of the most important concerns when looking at online learning solutions. After all, we cannot allow our kids to be led astray on the world wide web with predators lurking around most corners.

EduSpaze: The One-Stop Destination For Reliable eLearning Resources 

Despite the challenges, there is no denying that with HBL becoming the “new normal” of education, and holidays coming in much earlier than planned, we all need access to reliable, and efficient online resources for our kids. So, they can learn, stay active and creatively engaged during this period.

With so many options available online, how do we know which app or website is reliable and suitable for our children?

This is where, EduSpaze— Singapore’s first edtech accelerator has set up a list of edtech solutions and resources to address all our home-based learning needs during this period.

Available here, EduSpaze’s list gathers resources relevant to all ages — grouping them accordingly from preschool to primary and secondary school education, to higher education — and includes solutions provided by the startups in their cohort. To help those looking for a solution that best fits their teaching and learning needs, each directory entry also includes a short blurb on what the provider offers. 

For us—the parents—EduSpaze’s list also has some great corporate learning online resources. In fact, I discovered a website called “Kalpha” through this list, and have registered myself on this peer-to-peer training platform to use my free time to upgrade my skills. 

So, after you are done signing your kids up for fun learning activities through EduSpaze, you can take this time-out to upgrade your skills in preparation for like after Circuit Breaker.