It is not at all uncommon to see travel photos every time you log into your Instagram feed. In fact, we all probably know someone who is in vacation mode all year round. The hashtag #travel has 14.5 million posts on Instagram, #traveler has 28.1 million, and #travelgram has 83.5 million posts. That’s a lot of travel pics!

Unlike the old days where travelling was a luxury of the rich, today, it’s accessible to everyone. Everything, from ticket and seat sales, the rise of hotel booking platforms and Air BnB, ride-sharing apps, online tour packages, and blog sites that share their tips and tricks for each travel destination, has made travelling easier and cheaper than ever.

Today, it’s our turn to share our own tips, tricks, and travel hacks that you can use to plan your next vacation.

Spotting The Best Ticket Deals

Airline tickets can either cost you “an arm and leg” or just a few bucks depending on when you book it and how well you did your research. Here’s how to get yourself the best ticket deals available.

Be Flexible 

Airfare prices vary depending on the time, day, month, and even far in advance you are booking it. Do your research and be flexible, and we are sure that your future self and budget will thank you for it! Try comparing ticket prices from weekdays and weekends, or during an “off-season” and a “peak” month and you’ll see the difference.

Even the day you book your ticket can affect the price. Booking on Tuesdays, for example, is often cheaper than buying your ticket on the weekend. Flying on weekdays or on the days when everybody returns from their vacation can and will save you cash that can be allotted for pocket money or souvenir shopping.

There are also websites that can help you compare and find the cheapest fares such as Skyscanner, TravelLoka, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Kayak, and Airfare Watchdog. Some websites even have a price-alert feature to let you know when the price goes down.

Buy Early

If you really can’t help but join the fun and want to hit the beautiful beaches in summer with all those other bathing beauties, making reservations early will save you some cash as most airlines raise prices in the last two weeks before the travel date. Ideally, booking three to six months in advance is the sweet spot for best deals.

Buy Late

For a spontaneous travel junkie, buying at last minute might also save you some cash. Though this is not always the case, some airlines drop their prices a great deal at the very last minute; after all, it is best if they fill the plane with passengers, right? The risk: not getting where you want to go, when you want to get there. Sites like, Google Flights, or even the big booking sites like Expedia and CheapOair can help you track down the lowest fare on last minute deals.

Getting a Free Upgrade  

Business Class: Just imagine the wider seats that fully recline, all the extra legroom, first class food, better amenities, and a dedicated flight attendant to help you with all your needs. However, flying in business class comes with a hefty price tag. We bet you wouldn’t say no to a FREE upgrade!

Try your luck

Oftentimes, we do not ask because we don’t want to deal with rejection. But if you have a brave heart you can ask for a free seat upgrade; you’ll never know when you might get that sweet “Yes.” Just make sure to ask nicely, dress well, always smile, and don’t forget to say “please”.

Ask your travel agent

Again, the power of asking. If you are booking through a travel agent, try asking for a free upgrade. Some travel agents have a rapport with airlines with which they frequently work. Many have the power to steal you a free upgrade. Again, it never hurts to ask.

Sign up for loyalty programmes

Nowadays, even airlines demand loyalty and being loyal pays! Depending on the season or special promotions, through their loyalty programme, airlines can give you tonnes of freebies, including a free upgrade!

Credit Cards & Mileage Points

Credit card companies partner with every establishment they know people will be putting their money into, and this includes AIRLINES. Credit card companies want you to swipe your way to your next destination. Free flights and upgrades? Your air miles have got you covered!

Here are some tips to earn air miles quick.

  1. Find your credit card company’s partner airline. Fly frequently, and use them exclusively. This will give you better air-miles conversion. Or apply for a credit card that is partnered with your favorite airline. It works both ways.
  2. Sign up for dining programmes, and earn air miles without flying. Dine it away!
  3. Win it. The easiest way to earn air miles without spending a penny is to win it. Sites like runs  promotions every so often. Of course, there are many sites that offer air miles as a contest giveaways, like credit cards, hotels, and definitely, airlines!  Here’s a trick: set up a Google alert for air-miles contests and you’ll be the first to know whenever there are miles waiting for you!