Most recently seen in the Netflix docuseries Singapore Social, Paul Foster is a veteran actor who has been active in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years now. In addition to acting, Paul wears many other hats- he is an emcee, a live show host, and a TV presenter.

Paul is also an eco-warrior and a social champion advocating many important causes like cancer awareness, and ocean conservation. We got to speak to him on fashion, acting, fitness, social work and more!

LC: Tell us a secret

PF: I don’t drink soft drinks. I realised that soft drinks are not good for our health way early- probably in my teens and decided to quit.

LC:  What’s the last book you read?

PF: The last book I read is titled ‘The Power to Become’. It is written by Deepak Shrestha- a friend I met during the time when I was in Nepal filming my Special Delivery episode in 2017. Through his Divine Foundation, we were delivering school building materials to remote areas.

LC: What can’t you leave home without?

PF: Well, this is an easy one. I cannot leave home without my pouch. It has everything I need- wallet, keys, reusable straw, cutlery, tissues, pen, phone and foldable carry-ons so I never have to use plastic. 

LC: What’s your grooming regimen like? Recommend a must-have product to our readers?

PF: (Laughs) I take very long to get ready both- before going out and before going to bed. From hair to face and skin to teeth- I am quite detailed when it comes to grooming. I believe it is important to take care of yourself everyday. #EverydayIsSelfcareDay

Well, it is hard for me to suggest just one product but I can definitely mention some that I swear by. For hair, I love Phyto shampoos and serums, and for my skin I like Lab Series products. Also, I recently discovered and started using Himalayan Salt. I love it! It is great for cleansing and hydrating your face.

LC: Describe yourself in a sentence.

PF: I am an everyday person who happens to be in the spotlight willing to inspire and do good.

LC: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

PF: People passing uneducated or biased judgements is my biggest pet peeve.

LC: As one of Singapore’s acting veterans, you are constantly under public scrutiny. How do you deal with good and bad feedback on your work, especially with the internet’s power of constant feedback?

PF: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and as far as they are giving constructive criticism, I am all ears for it because that is how you grow. But, when people start getting personal and feedback turns into hate or trolling- they need to know that that is not ok. 

LC: What is the one fitness rule that you would never break?

PF: I believe that fitness is a way of life, a choice that you make and you have to live by every day. Although, I definitely believe in cheat days! You got to have these and enjoy time off too!

LC: Do you believe in diets?

PF: I believe in a balanced diet. We need to remember that everyone is different and it is first important to learn what your goals are, and then find what works best for you. 

LC: What is the one review – can be good or bad – that has stayed with you for years?

PF: I remember years ago, I was working on a show for Surya. I was playing the antagonist and one day on set I felt a conflict with the character and its development. I suggested a new direction for my character and the Director was not only open to my suggestion but he shared that he was thinking along the same lines for my character. That moment was a validation for me not only as an actor but also as a storyteller. I believe it is important to be a good storyteller doing what I do- be it- acting, hosting or even bringing people together for social and environmental causes.

LC: What is your favourite Singaporean show?

PF: I recently watched S.I.A.T.A.I.L.H. and I loved it! It is funny and binge-worthy.

LC:  You do a lot of charity work and are an eco-warrior. What inspires you?

PF: My father has always been my inspiration. He was a kind man who cared for everyone around.  I lost him to cancer when I was only 18, but even today, when I do something I think about him- what would he think, would he be proud of me. Everything I do in my life is guided by that.  

LC: Between hosting, acting, modelling and podcasts- what’s your favourite thing to do?

PF: I think I enjoy myself the most when I am hosting a Live Show or even a TV show for that matter. I love hosting because it’s me being me, and that should be the easiest thing for anyone to do, just being yourself!

LC: What perfume are you currently wearing?

PF: I like leafy, earthy scents. Right now, I am wearing a customised perfume that I created myself with the help of the guys at Penhaligons.

LC: What next project are you the most excited about?

PF: Unfortunately, a lot of events and gigs have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 effect. However, this pandemic is another realisation why we need to be more socially responsible and mindful of the environment we live in. Having said that, we have plans to take ‘All Clear’- our ocean conservation drive to the next level. 

LC: One message for Lifestyle Collective readers.

PF: Finding your true self is key to being secure and happy, and the first step in this journey is letting go of the ego. Be kind and selfless, and do good for the world. 

I found myself way too early in life. When I lost my father and had to be the man of the house, I did not have the luxury to “eventually figure it out”. But that journey also taught me that it is important to know who you are, and even more important to choose who you want to be. If you are sure about your intentions and  choices, you will not be affected by the bad in the world. You will be too busy doing good.