Every artist offers his or her own perspective on nature. The painter with colours and the perfumer with raw materials. The latter, free to create at will, might for example bring together an orange blossom with a rose essence, then throw in a touch of blackcurrant, a hint of pepper or a few savoury notes.

Using his lens, Bas Meeuws has created illustrations of six floral fragrances from the Maison: Do Son, Eau Rose, Eau des Sens, l’Ombre dans l’Eau, Eau Moheli and Olene. A collection to be discovered or rediscovered, like a voyage through imaginary gardens. 

Within these floral olfactory compositions, diverse elements rub shoulders in defiance of the natural laws of the seasons, native soil or climate. An unsuspected contrast here, an unexpected freshness there… In short, impressions of a form of nature that invite us to regard them with a different eye, through the filter of artistic creation.

The floral compositions of the Maison diptyque comprise singular stories and visions of an idealized nature. Impossible bouquets is realized around a flower presented in all its glory. A snapshot in time made up of flowers, fruits and leaves. Telling its tale on the skin or on a canvas, like a narrative that conjures up memories of childhood, travel, or the atmosphere of an unreal garden.

To highlight this theme of nature enhanced, diptyque has chosen to collaborate with Bas Meeuws, an artist who defines himself as a digital florist. One by one, he photographs the flowers that will become part of his composition, then assembles them digitally. Styling himself after the great Flemish still life painters, while digitally expressing the process of the perfumer, he captures their grace and the delicacy of their colours in bouquets that are timeless, surreal and poetic.

The limited edition Do Son, Eau des Sens, Eau Moheli, Eau Rose, L’Ombre dans l’Eau and Olene EDT (100ml) retail at $185, and the Do Son Hair Mist at $72. 

Available at diptyque Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Robinsons The Heeren, escentials Paragon, escentials TANGS at Tang Plaza and www.escentials.com from 27 February 2020, while stocks last.