Happy world sleep day! What’s the bet that many of you reading this article didn’t get a full eight-hours of shut eye. I totally feel your pain if you are one of them.

Sleep is a vital and often neglected component of every person’s overall health and well-being. It is during sleep that our body repairs itself, and studies have found that adequate rest can help prevent excess weight gain and heart disease. But how many of us out there get a full night of uninterrupted sleep?

 Singapore is the third most sleep-deprived of the 43 cities profiled in a report published recently. While the average adult should get between seven and eight hours of sleep daily, only 48% of Singaporean adults do.

Because sleep deprivation is real, I decided to test out some products that I hoped could help me improve my quality of sleep, and I hope that they will help you too.

It All Starts In The Shower

I like to start my sleep-time ritual in the shower. So just before hopping into bed, I like to add around 10 drops of HYSSES Relaxing Remedies pure essential oil blend of lavender and mandarin onto the shower floor and turn on the water. The heat triggers and releases the beneficial properties of the oil and the aroma envelopes you as you wash.

Because essential oil is absorbed into the blood stream in just two minutes upon contact with your skin, it is important to use a brand you can trust.

$25.90 for 10ml

If adding the oil into the shower is not your thing, I would suggest using a ceramic or glass diffuser (avoid using a plastic one) 15 minutes before your shower, so the scent has time to work itself around the bathroom.

I follow this up with a good lathering using Love Beauty & Planet Argan oil & lavender body wash that is infused with argan oil and heirloom French lavender for a lovely, creamy and soothing shower.

$10.90 for 400ml

I end my bath time ritual with the accompanying argan oil & lavender body lotion and get cozy in my favourite PJs.

$13.90 for 400ml

Preparation Is Key

Our bodies like a cooler temperature at night, and when it does begin to warm up- it can interrupt our sleep. This is why I usually set the air conditioner on 25 degrees, half an hour before bed so the room cools down sufficiently.

Because Singapore is mostly hot and humid, I use bedding made from bamboo or a blend of bamboo and Egyptian cotton, as these fabrics don’t trap heat and feel amazing to sleep on.

Another thing that I am very particular about is having a beautifully scented bedroom. Usually I would diffuse some lavender essential oil to get myself into a more relaxed state, but I decided this time around, to go with HYSSES Frankincense Lemongrass Home Scent Reed Diffuser.

Lemongrass essential oil is known for its anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflamatory benefits while frankincence essential oil encourages easy breathing while acting as a sedative, diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety, which is exactly what I need before bedtime.  

$49.90 for 60ml

If you are not a huge fan of lemongrass like myself, you will be happy to know that the woody scent of frankincense softens the sharper notes of lemongrass, leaving a pleasing and soothing aroma.

The next thing I do is spritz a sleeping mist on my pillows and blanket. I use Soul Good Project’s Dream Haven Sleep Mist which I spray directly onto my pillows.

The mist is a pleasing combination of essential oils of lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and bergamot. The scent is very subtle, so if you shy away from strong scents, this is perfect for you. I like the fact that unlike a lot of pillow sprays, this is not too sweet or overpowering.

$24.90 for 50g

The other mist that I am using is Crabtree & Evelyn’s Stars in the Night Room Mist. This one is stronger with a slightly more musky and creamy woody scent.

$37 for 100ml

I prefer to spray this all over the bed and blanket, so the scent envelopes me as I sleep. While stronger than my other mist, it is still not overpowering and has a soothing and relaxing aroma.

Calm Your Senses And Slow Your Mind

After a shower, I like to sit in bed, devices all switched off and sip on a cup of relaxing, sleep inducing tea while I read a book.

One tea that have found to be both effetive and pleasant tasting is the Star Showers Tea by Crabtree & Evelyn. This soothing infusion of valerian root, passion flower and lemon verbena is the best tasting valerian root tea that I have tried.

Valerian is well known for its sleep inducing and stress reducing properties, but I don’t like how it tastes, but combining valerian with silver linden blossom, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, lemon grass, passion flower herb, cinnamon, anise, rose petals, hops and lavender gives the tea a lovely citrus flavour.

$37 for 50g

I also love the packaging of the bottle. The apothecary-style amber glass bottle and cork stopper is just so stylish and looks perfect on my kitchen counter.

If you are a fan of camomile tea, you should try home grown brand Pin Tea’s Quayside Camomile. Their organic teas are made of premium full tea leaves and real herbs and flowers, without any flavour enhancers. 

While not a huge fan of camomile, I found the tea pleasant and the camomile calming.

I hope these suggestions help you tonight when you get ready for bed. But if sleep still does elude you, try popping two little softgels of Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts. I find that when taken 30 minutes before bed, it does help still my mind and get me drowsy enough to slide into slumber.