By Jeanene Tracy

Valentine’s Day is known amongst lovers as the 24 hours of the year where love is displayed in more unique ways than on your average day. If you want to take it to the next level and make 2020 more memorable for you and your cherished Valentine, you’ll want to excite, entice and knock them off their feet. 

This is a celebration you cannot ignore if you want to stay happy in love.  According to Art Aron and colleagues when you share novel activities which are arousing, you are more likely to be happier together. Here are five ways you can leave your unique mark on your lover this year.

Create A Personalised Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of all the things that matter to you and your Valentine. What have you experienced together that you really enjoyed? Include places you’ve been to, things you’ve done and memorable interactions you’ve had. Once you’ve got your list, turn it into a scavenger hunt.

Lead your loved one to different places around town by giving them clues; you can write it on their favourite coloured paper, whisper the question in their ear or even have someone planted at each location to provide the next clue. To impress them even more, end your adventure at your favourite place to eat or drink and have their ideal aperitif awaiting them on arrival (call it through when you are a few minutes away).

Role Play At A Burlesque Or Cabaret Show

Find a local burlesque or cabaret show, and add to the excitement by dressing up and giving yourselves ‘cabaret’ names for the night.  Choose some fun, playful traits to match your name and enjoy role-playing throughout the night. 

Make sure your new, exciting personas make it home at the end of the night.  Who knows, you may even discover some unfamiliar but highly enjoyable activities to add to the bedroom activity list.

Movies With A Local Twist

If you like something more stay-at-home, but still seek a little adventure, have a ‘locals’ movie night. Don’t just tune in to any old movie, find either a movie which was made in your lovers home town, the town you currently live in or if there aren’t any films made in those locations, one that was filmed in a place you’ve been together.  Step it up with some traditional food from the location of the film, make some drinks and give them a super cool name that blends in with the film. You are bound to make an everlasting impression and be the real “star” of the night.

Our Life On Film

If you are not afraid of the camera, have a game shooting a short mockumentary of your life together so far.  You can easily do this with a phone camera.  Either interview each other or recreate scenes of things you have enjoyed together. Make sure you focus on the fun you’ve had, the excitement you’ve shared and the most loving moments. 

If you’re jumping into the interview style, ask questions that give you and your lover the warm fuzzies. If you want to play it safe, stay away from any shoulda, coulda, woulda questions. Once you’ve filmed it, connect it to your TV, grab some popcorn, wine and snuggly blankets, light a candle and enjoy those tender moments together.  

Dinner—Naughty or Nice

If you are keen on some spontaneity, this one will do it. Instead of just booking your favourite restaurant, each of you writes down four places to eat, two you love and two you don’t and throw them in a bag. Ask your Valentine to choose the first one, this will be where you go for your appetiser. 

Before you leave the first restaurant, pick another paper out of the bag, and that’s where you’ll have your main meal.  Continue this throughout the night with dessert and even a place for a nightcap.  To add another twist, take dice and instead of ordering by looking at the menu, throw the dice and whatever number you throw is the menu item number you order. If either of you have dietary requirements, keep throwing the dice until you get something you can eat. Do this, and you’re sure to have loads of laughs and many memories to share.

Burn Yourself Into Their Memory

Whatever your tastes, there is something unique for you and your Valentine to do. Just remember, when you invest time in having fun with each other, you’re going to create memories that matter, bringing you closer together.  Howard Markman agrees that when you have fun together, you are more likely to be happier and stay together.

Bring sizzle and excitement back to you and your lover’s routines, do something out of the ordinary, spice it up, get playful, and you will certainly have an unforgettable 2020.