HOOQ, Southeast Asia’s first and leading premium video-on-demand service, recently launched their first Singapore Original television series She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her.

This local production is the winner of the second annual HOOQ Filmmakers Guild and was also nominated at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 for “Best Original Programme By A Streamer/OTT.” 

Created by Terence Chia and Haresh Tilani of comedy brand Ministry of Funny and inspired by their own scintillating brand of dark comedy, She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her follows the story of a desperate man who enters a fake marriage for a quick pay out.

To his horror, he finds out that his beautiful new ‘wife’ is actually an extremist whose ultimate goal is to blow herself up in a catastrophic terror attack on Singapore. With true love as his only weapon, it’s a battle against time to win over his wife’s heart and stop the terror attack to save his beloved country.

At the media launch last week, held at The Vending Space, I had the opportunity to catch the exclusive screening of the first two episodes of the show. My first reaction-” it is hilarious, fun, binge-worthy and most importantly, authentic“.

HOOQ’s Commitment To Creating A Truly Asian Content Platform 

She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her is one of HOOQ’s 75 Original productions across the region, complementing more than 35,000 hours of movies, television shows and sports. In 2019 alone, more than 55% of the total playing minutes on the entertainment platform originated from Southeast Asian content, a nod to HOOQ’s commitment to creating a truly Asian video platform for their more than 80 million subscribers. 

“This successful partnership with Ministry of Funny is a true testament to the abundance of filmmaking talent in Asia and highlights the need for HOOQ to continue supporting and uncovering the best creatives in our region,” – Jennifer Batty, Chief Content Officer at HOOQ.

The Singaporean comedy stars Haresh Tilani alongside local breakout talents, including Benjamin Kheng, Munah Bagharib, Noah Yap and Caitanya Tan. Audiences can also look forward to some fun cameos, my favourite so far being (spoiler alert) “the Indian man” Rishi Budhrani. 

The entire cast has done a promising job but personally, I cannot wait to watch more of Noah Yap. As Hayden- a sex toy technician by day and lover boy by night who falls in love with Zeta- a terrorist played by the talented Munah Bagharib, Noah is cute and funny at the same time. Another thing to look out for in the show is the fun, scary yet cute chemistry between Jo played by the king of comedy Tilani and the super talented Caitanya Tan who plays his “fake” love interest.

A True Blue Singaporean Show

From the Singlish dialogue to local slang and authentic Singaporean accent- She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her is a refreshing show that represents the real Singapore. 

“It is a blessing for me to be a part of this show where we have truly embraced who we are and are not hiding behind any masks. The show embraces Singapore in its true sense and gives the message that love triumphs all,” – Actor Noah Yap.

I don’t remember watching any show on TV or online streaming services lately where the montage does not capture the glorious wide shots of Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay or the Newton Hawker Center. She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her walks out of this accepted comfort zone and viewers will be grateful that they do.

“We are really excited about the show and we hope that we are able to entertain people. The kind of creative freedom we had at HOOQ was beyond what we expected and we are thankful to the entire team for that. One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that we have embraced our culture as it is and have tried to bring a truly local show,” shared Haresh Tilani, the co-founder of Ministry Of Funny.

Tilani and Chia have done a great job creating the show. From casting to screenplay and direction to filmography- She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her stands out in every possible way. Episodes 1 to 3 of this local production are now available for streaming on HOOQ