When it comes to the early arcade game era, there are few images as iconic as that of PAC-MAN. Developed by Mr. Toru Iwatani and his team, it became one of the most influential video games of all time.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN, and Kipling celebrated this momentous ocassion with a ‘to-die-for’ collection of Spring-Summer shoulder bags, backpacks and hand luggage trolleys that playfully reference the game’s endearing characters and energy-boosting fruit.

For this collaboration, Kipling’s CURIOSITY S luggage, ART M tote bags, and the DELIA and DELIA COMPACT backpacks were all embellished with PAC-MAN’s colourful and original pixelated characters.

To celebrate the gaming PAC-MAN world, extra details like a revised version of the monkey charm in a unique 2D pixelated shape, the usage of pixeled “Level up” on the webbing and playful plush and silicone game icons have been applied to 38% recycled polyester material. These are fun pieces for you to travel light with.

Rounding out this collection is the CURIOSITY S polycarbonate trolley with a PAC-MAN digital maze print and a cool silicone PAC-MAN luggage tag that
can be made even more playful for your weekend trip. You can even customize your trolley further with PAC-MAN stickers and charms

Go Your Own Way With The Kipling New Classics Collection

This season, Kipling has introduced a collection of incredibly lightweight and stylish polycarbonate trolley bags – which is also the brand’s first foray into polycarbonate luggage – a revolutionary material that can withstand any endurance test.

Kipling’s CURIOSITY S trolleys are available in bright new colours
including vivid yellow (which was our favourite), lively red and laser blue. Inspired by industrial design and the ever-evolving urban environment, this recognizable design is an urban adventurer and curious city-hopper’s perfect travel option.

The CURIOSITY S retails for $279, come with 4 dual-caster wheels with extremely smooth 360-degree rotation that will have you navigating through even the most bumpiest of airports with ease. Lightweight and water resistant, these high-performing trolleys are fitted with a TSA-approved luggage lock and an adjustable multistage luggage handle.

But don’t let their sleekness fool you – the use of polycarbonate guarantees a secure shell that can withstand the hard knowcks of travel. Its cabin
size and volume will have you glide through the departure gate and beyond in style.

Find out more about the collection here.