We all know that healthy and youthful skin starts with the use of a daily sun protection. Unfortunately this is not longer adequate thanks to all the environmental aggressors our skin is exposed to every single day! In fact, a World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality model confirmed that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where the air quality levels exceeded the WHO air quality limits.

With both indoor (shockingly indoor pollution is five times more concentrated than outdoor pollution – whaaat!) and outdoor pollution from traffic, public transport, central heating and air conditioning that all contribute to make our skin look dull, tired, dry and unhealthy. We are now in serious need of more protection than ever before.

This is why, the new The Body Shop’s bestselling Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate is now reinforced with environmental protection to help prevent the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution on the skin, helping it to better retain its natural moisture and keep its healthy and youthful looking glow and freshness.

Still enriched with 99% ingredients of natural origin and still the hydrating, lightweight gel-like texture that we all know and love, the product now comes with increased natural antioxidants and Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda.

Founder Anita Roddick was a passionate believer that the lines on our face are a sign of a life well lived, and instead of fighting our age, we should take care of ourselves, age strong and know that our skin is the best it can be.

The renewed Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate is now available at
all The Body Shop stores islandwide, retailing at $60 for 30ml and $80 for 50ml.