By Robin Silver

Getting married is an exciting (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event, with plenty of ups and downs preceding your walk down the aisle—many of them logistical. After choosing the flowers, the table settings, the wedding party, and everything else, there’s still the honeymoon to plan!

Once you’re there you can breathe a long awaited sigh of relief, but would you prefer that next inhale to be a sea breeze or the scent of spices? We’ve compiled a list of four of the best honeymoon destinations for those getting married in the spring of 2020.

One wedding trend that has cropped up recently is couples choosing to delay their honeymoon a few months or sometimes even years after the ceremony itself, so if you’re no longer quite newlyweds but still potential honeymooners, don’t worry, this list is for you, too!


Land of art, wine, rolling hills, and pizza—what more could anyone want for the most romantic getaway of their lives? Italy has been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for a long time and doesn’t look to be giving up its throne any time soon.

The Amalfi Coast is particularly popular with honeymooners, its unforgettable landscape combines the bright blue Mediterranean sea with lush forests amidst rolling hills, punctuated by the colourful architecture that the region is famous for. There is plenty of great hiking for active couples, and beach resorts for those who prefer lounging. Sorrento is an excellent hub for culture hounds, between the impressive architecture, world-class shopping and restaurants, plus the easy opportunity to take day trips to nearby Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most-visited archaeological sites in the world due to its incredible preservation from the infamous volcano.  

Travelling during April and May, which are the off-peak season, can help if you’re looking to cut off some expenses or avoid overwhelming crowds. 


With year-round hot and sunny weather, plus pristine beaches and its commitment to eco-friendly luxury, there’s no wonder the island nation’s popularity has skyrocketed among couples looking for a romantic escape. Of the 202 inhabited islands, 100 are dedicated private luxury resorts—perfect for kicking back and relax in total privacy with your new spouse. Whether you are after catching some surf, basking in the sun, or simply indulging in spa treatments and watching magnificent sunsets, Maldives can offer all this and more.

Monsoon season begins in May, so unless you’re both hardcore scuba enthusiasts, it’s best to go earlier in the season, leaving as April does. (If you are hardcore scuba enthusiasts though, take advantage of those low-season prices and some of the best-preserved ocean life in the world!)


If your dream honeymoon is somewhere exotic, mysterious, and full of various landscapes, from bustling urban centres to the beach, to the desert, then Morocco is the destination for you. Known for its hospitality, you can have your pick of all-inclusive beach resorts, private riads, or camping out and star-gazing in the Sahara.

Browsing the limitless wares of the souks is a great way to pass an afternoon (or two!). If a particular item of clothing, pottery, homewares or jewellery catches your eye, don’t be afraid to haggle over the price of your souvenirs. Try some of the incredible and sometimes unusual food available throughout the country, and if you find a particular regional dish you both love, take a cooking class! That way, you can relive the incredible memories of your honeymoon at home for years to come.

You will probably fly into Casablanca, a city whose name itself conjures up images of romance. Chefchouen, with its all-blue architecture, conjures up an otherworldly feel that is sure to be a hit on social media.  

Marrakech is another must-see. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the city is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. Take a quick detour 18 km outside the city to Cascades d’Ouzoud, the largest waterfall in the country, and take a breathtaking hike before swimming in the fresh pools below.


For couples who are not as interested in  warm weather escapes to celebrate their nuptials, or those who want a quirkier adventure, perhaps a cruise down to Antarctica is the perfect way to begin married life together. 

Cruises to Antarctica are only operational during the South American summer, from November to March—and a cruise is the only way to get there. Who better to help celebrate than the majestic penguins, who also mate for life? A luxury cruise line such as the Seabourn puts all the amenities you could want or need right at your fingertips while taking in a landscape like you’ve never seen.

No matter your preferences as a couple, you deserve to honeymoon in style! Any of these locations can be romantic—and when you’re there with your person, anywhere can be paradise.