Pre-loved luxury fashion items are extremely popular as they are not only wallet-friendly but also a more sustainable option. This is probably why it has become quite a hit with the millennial market. With 6.5 million #preloved posts on Instagram as of now, the trend to reuse and repurpose luxury fashion items is on the rise all over the world.

Keeping in line with the popularity of pre-loved items, luxury online fashion retailer BlinQ has rolled out two new services just in time for the holiday season. They have recently launched a consignment service dedicated to pre-loved luxury items, and Asean Houz- a section that showcases the products of high-end Southeast Asian fashion designers. The fashion startup now has over 20,000 customers joining the platform every month and over 1,000 luxury brands onboard, including Hermès, Calvin Klein, Burberry and Balenciaga.

“Retail is changing around the world and pre-loved is becoming one of the fastest-growing segments of the luxury fashion industry. Pre-loved continues to be a popular and growing segment amongst Southeast Asian shoppers but the industry is quite fragmented. BlinQ provides a platform that connects the entire region on both the consumer and the supply side.” – Bob Chua, founder and CEO of BlinQ

The Rising Trend For Pre-Loved Luxury

Across the world, services facilitating the resale of pre-loved luxury goods have taken fashion communities by storm. In the US and Europe, big-name brands like Selfridges and Ralph Lauren are starting to cash in on the boom. With the entry of cost- and eco-conscious millennials into the luxury fashion scene, even Asia that was once bogged down by superstitions and misconceptions regarding owning second-hand items is catching on to the trend. 

Globally, the resale luxury fashion market is predicted to grow at an average of 12% per year between the years 2019 to 2024. Boasting over 20,000 new sign-ups per month to its eCommerce platform, BlinQ is prepared to feed the region’s growing appetite for pre-owned luxury fashion. Its bespoke consignment service offers users a fuss-free experience when finding new homes for their pre-loved items. It takes care of the process from step one to sale, offering complimentary pick-up, price-setting and product photography.

With BlinQ, woke millennials and other environmentally-conscious fashion lovers who care about sustainability can make room in their closets in preparation for the new year without the guilt that comes with throwing out a once-used, mint-condition Louis Vuitton bag. 

Bringing Local Designers To The Front

With their all-new service Asean Houz- BlinQ is supporting local designers from across Southeast Asia. This new section spotlights high-end designers around the region, including Indonesian designer Art Kea and Vietnamese designer Ferosh.

The curated list of top local fashion designers offers Southeast Asian shoppers an easy way to discover and purchase luxury fashion items. This allows regional fashion brands to discover a new audience of new customers as well as showcase some of the best talents that the region has to offer the fashion world at large.

The rise of thrift stores, flea markets and C2C online markets like Carousell, Lazada and Facebook in the Asian landscape validate how much internet-savvy millennials love buying pre-loved items here. 

BlinQ allows all fashion lovers to be trendy in a sustainable manner while supporting local designers. This holiday season, shop with BlinQ, or simply download the BlinQ app on the App Store or Google Play.