Inspired by principles of Yoga and Ayurveda, Veda Yoga launched its first premier enrichment centre in OUE Downtown Gallery 2 – Singapore’s first Yoga centre that offers a holistic and individual approach for the well-being of the mind and body.

Designed for urbanites with busy lifestyles, the new enrichment centre offers a total health concept and lifestyle programme with a focus on fitness, nutrition, and natural beauty. 

The downtown centre offers services beyond Yoga classes – like meditation and healing experiences, a tailored consultation with their in-house Ayurveda specialist to discover your personal Dosha Lifestyle Programme and even specialised workshops that are tailored to suit the needs of various individuals – for the relief of stress, relaxation, detox, restoration, strength, immunity building, and endurance for a calm mind and fit body. The centre also provides a range of nutrition services – including a Juice Clinic inspired by Ayurvedic recipes and Natural Skincare 

Human beings today suffer from what are known as lifestyle disorders – chronic fatigue, inflammation, aches and pains due to bad posture and sitting for hours and staring at digital screens, caffeine and sugar addiction, as well as stress are just some examples,” – Lipi Saikia Mittal, Co-founder, Veda Yoga.

My own suffering from work-related and poor lifestyle habits with injuries to my cervical spine, leading to tremendous pain, was no different. Taking copious amounts of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs became the norm for months – these helped relieve the pain, but the problem persisted. In my search to find alternative pain management, I re-discovered the age-old healing science of Ayurveda in Kerala, and once again re-connected with the practice of Yoga. I found immense relief through Ayurvedic treatments, a regular practice of Yoga suitable for my body, and diet consisting of natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric. At the heart of the creation of Veda Yoga is to help people to get started on a holistic well-being and healing journey, all achieved naturally, similar to mine.” – Lipi Saikia Mittal

To take care of ourselves and give our bodies the chance to heal and be well is the most important gift to ourselves. Veda Yoga’s underpinning philosophy is a total health concept – holistic well-being of the mind and body. Holistic well-being comes from understanding who we are – i.e., what is our Mind-Body Constitution. We then need to support it with the right nutrition, lifestyle habits, and a Yoga practice that is personalised to our Mind-Body constitution.

Veda Yoga’s space and programmes are designed around this – a customised approach to prevent and heal common lifestyle disorders. There is no room for one-size-fits-all in this wellness journey, because no two individuals are similar. 

Understanding Ayurvedic Yoga 

Ayurveda is derived from the root words ayuh, which means “life” and veda, which means “science” or “sacred knowledge”. Ayurveda originated from the Vedic culture of ancient India – a system of healing that has been around for the last 5,000 years with its focus on balance, prevention, and self-healing through personalised wellness solutions and 100% natural products. 

The practice of Yoga is complementary to Ayurveda – facilitating a peaceful mind, body, and soul through conscious mindful conditioning. The combined wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda is gaining immense momentum in the 21st century wellness space as it offers a solution to modern health woes and lifestyles disorders in a safe and natural way. 

According to Ayurveda, each individual is composed of the Five Elements or Panchamahabhutas. The Five Elements are: Ether or Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The relative strength of each element determines the body type or constitution of the individual – their mental, physical, and emotional character traits that govern their likes, dislikes, disease, and cures.

The Principle of Tridosha (meaning “three dosha”) is the foundation of Ayurveda – the combination of the Five Elements manifesting as three life forces – Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha. The Doshas1 help shed light on an individual’s Mind-Body constitution and how they influence everything in nature and in us. 

Veda Yoga features three main components – Physical and Mental Fitness, Nutrition (Juice Clinic), and Beauty (Natural Skincare). These components form the foundation for a holistic well-being journey at Veda Yoga. Some key highlights of Veda Yoga include its 1,700sf centre facility, a range of Yoga classes and meditation experiences targeted at beginners, seasoned Yoga practitioners, prenatal Yoga, as well as personalised consultation services. There are a variety of Yoga classes based on a combination of Dosha Elements, such as Veda Air & Space – a class that is focused on engaging movement as one establishes a deeper connection with the body, mind, and breath. Conversely, challenge yourself by building inner strength and harnessing transformative power with a practice that builds internal heat, endurance, and balance with Veda Fire. All classes and workshops provided at Veda Yoga are taught by qualified professionals who are specialised and trained in the practice of Yoga and/or Ayurveda. 

Nutrition and Beauty also play an essential role in the Veda Yoga journey. In collaboration with Ega Juice Clinic, a wide selection of Ayurvedic juices that are raw, cold pressed, and vegan, are available for you to recharge and replenish and boost your immunity and good health. These juices are designed to detox your body based on your Dosha – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. To complete this holistic journey, Veda Yoga also has a range of luxurious natural beauty products including shower gels, shampoos, creams, and healing oils. 

To book a mat, email or call 6222 8122.