Coming at the perfect time ahead of the holiday season, Vietnam-based Heart Of Darkness recently launched its first-ever gastrobar in Singapore. You can celebrate with great food and refreshing beers at this award-winning craft beer brewery with friends and family. 

At its core, Heart Of Darkness is about exploration and pushing the boundaries in craft brewing. This approach comes through in the wide selection of distinctive house brews, which feature bold hop profiles balanced beautifully with carefully crafted malt. 

Established in 2016 in Vietnam, Heart Of Darkness has outlets all across Asia- from Thailand to Japan, Taiwan to Hong Kong, and Cambodia and now, Singapore.

“We love Singapore and are fortunate enough to have a dedicated fan base who have either tasted our beers in one of our many amazing distribution outlets in Singapore or have come to Vietnam and tried it there. We are super excited to open our first outpost in what we consider to be the hub of Asia – Singapore. Furthermore, we are thrilled at the prospect of being able to bring our full range of core beers and the ever-changing seasonal Heart Of Darkness beers to an even greater audience,”John Pemberton, Founder and CEO, Heart Of Darkness.

Maintaining Quality From Brewery To Bar

What separates Heart Of Darkness from other breweries is that they meticulously produce their exclusive selection of craft brews in a dedicated 10,000 sq. ft brewery located in Vietnam. The beer is kept in a cold chain at optimum temperature and imported to Singapore. Cold chain distribution helps maintain the high-quality hop flavour that we get to enjoy in every Heart Of Darkness craft beer.

“We love craft beer and it is our mission to bring the exciting world of craft beer from Saigon to the world, with a focus on flavourful and well-balanced beers. Quality and consistency are everything to us. We truly believe that life is too short for bad beer,” Duane Morton, Head Brewer, Heart Of Darkness.

Recognised as one of the most prolific craft breweries in Asia, Heart Of Darkness is bringing over 100 different types of craft beers, featuring 30 different beer taps to Singapore. They are offering flagship brews, limited releases, seasonals, along with brews from local breweries.

Indulge In Authentic Craft Beers And Delectable Food In A Refreshing Ambience

During a recent tasting session, I got a chance to try some of their most iconic drinks and a few scrumptious dishes. Out of their wide range of craft beers, my personal favourite was the iconic Kurtz’s Insane IPA. Accompanied with grapefruit and piney tones, this craft beer is an assortment of seven different types of hops and thus had a rich long-lasting flavour.

Another amazing drink was the Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner– a fresh pilsner with a soft malt body with cucumber as a special ingredient that gives the beer a uniquely refreshing taste. 

For stout lovers, the Director’s Cacao Nib Porter– a dark porter-based beer infused with Vietnamese cacao nibs is an ideal choice. With the rich flavour of dark chocolate and a touch of tartness from deep red berries, this drink had a lingering finish.

At Heart Of Darkness, you can also indulge in great food- from bar favourites like sliders with choice of Vietnamese pulled pork to fish cakes and lemon chicken to wagyu beef. Other bar favourites include Vietnamese seafood fried spring rolls, nachos, and truffle fries. I strongly recommend the spring rolls and truffle fries.

I love the ambience here. The bar is perfectly lit and has a refreshing vibe. They also have a taproom exclusively designed for communal drinking experiences. However, if you are like me and prefer some privacy, you can grab a seat at one of the well-laid out tables.

Heart Of Darkness is located at 55 Tras Street, Singapore 078994. Their opening hours are from 11 am- 12 am | Monday- Sunday