Researchers in Singapore surveyed 681 people and found that 21% of children and 11% of adults have eczema. In fact, eczema is now Singapore’s most common skin disease, with the National Skin Centre seeing more than 18,000 cases of eczema in 2017. Hot weather, dusty environments and physical exercise are the most common trigger factors.

Dermatologists encourage sufferers of eczema to use specially formulated skin lotions and soap-free cleansers to help treat eczema and alleviate the irascible symptoms. Mussvital’s Atopic range comprising a body lotion and a soap-free cleanser is perfect for the task of soothing and protecting skin affected by eczema.

Mussvital’s Atopic skin lotion is made up of a special blend of lipid-replenishing emollients, that include shea butter and caprylic triglycerides and anti-itch and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe irritated and itchy skin and, we can tell you from first hand experience that it works.

The lotion is rich but not greasy at all. It also has a subtle clean scent that we loved. The cleanser, although sans soap, does lather and has the same clean scent as the lotion. We tested both products out after a very itchy outbreak of eczema, and this duo really helped to soothe our irritated and inflamed skin.

What makes the Atopic range so effective at soothing eczema-prone skin is the naturally active ingredients that will calm itchiness and redness. Both products from the Atopic range contain xylitol, which regulates microbial imbalance on the skin by specifically targeting the S. aureus bacteria – that aggravates eczema symptoms if present on the skin.

Skin specialist Dr Roland Chu advises eczema sufferers to be careful about the type of personal and skin care products they use. Many of these products are not meant for people with  sensitive skin or eczema. 

Many skin cleansers contain soap as a cleansing agent. Soaps can strip out the lipid and moisture content from skin – leaving it dry and vulnerable to irritants and allergens. People who suffer from eczema have compromised skin that is unable to protect itself from the environment. It is therefore paramount to choose a cleanser that does not contain soap or chemicals that can trigger skin reactions” – Dr Ronald Chu

There is also a Sensitive range available for people with sensitive to normal skin. We tried the Mussvital Sensitive range and we loved it. It has a really pleasantly clean scent and is deeply moisturing, but without the greasy after-feel you would normally expect in such a rich lotion. The scent also lingers after application, leaving you smelling clean and fresh, several hours after application.

The soap free shower gel deep cleanses without stripping the skin and leaving it feeling tight and itchy. If you are suffering from eczema or sensitive skin, you should give this range a try. Its pleasant to use and we really enjoyed the fresh clean scent.

The sensitive range is based on the same gentle yet effective dermactive formulation which is suitable for even young children.

Image courtesy of Mussvital

Both the Mussvital Atopic and Sensitive ranges are available at selected Watsons stores and on Lazada.