Goldheart Jewelry recently reopened their new flagship store concept at ION Orchard at 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard #B2-65. Themed “the contemporary communal“, this new concept store represents a turning point for the constantly evolving jewelry brand.

In an unprecedented move, the 45-year-old brand tore down the walls of the shopfront to yield an open frontage, while its interior now takes the form of a contemporary living room.

Goldheart had pushed the envelope in retail innovation by successfully infusing home décor elements and open concepts into jewellery retail, a notion that was unimaginable for gold and gem businesses. The new design was created to deliver a seamless retail experience that will redefine jewellery shopping. 

The Vanity Area

The assemblage of mirrors, shelves and cabinets conjures the feeling of stepping into a boudoir, and shoppers are encouraged to experiment with different jewellery styles and designs to find their desired style.

From white, rose and yellow gold to precious stones in a variety of hues, shoppers will be able to discover new inspirations with the brand’s continually refreshed modern jewellery designs that are sure to complement anyone’s mood.

Neon Feature Wall

Goldheart’s tagline – Live from the Heart – is headlined in the form of a neon sign at this visually arresting feature wall. Shoppers can see this glowing neon sign from a distance, which acts as a beacon to beckon them closer. It is an irresistible instaworthy spot, where the combination of red plush and green foliage provides a stunning backdrop to the lustre of the jewellery displayed in the glass dome.

Library Of Gold

This design feature conjures the experience of being surrounded by bookcases in a study room, except, instead of hardcovers, the wooden shelves are decked with 916/999 gold jewellery.

The Communal Table

A centre feature in the boutique, the long marble table was carefully handpicked to stand out as the highlight of this concept space. The table delivers similar functionalities to a huge dining table: it directs the flow of shoppers while serving as a gathering point for guests to congregate and converse around the display of beautiful gold and gems. The casualness associated with a communal table eases the pressure to purchase after browsing, so that guests are more comfortable than ever to stroll in and shop without hesitation.

A Lounge Area For Romance

Goldheart has incorporated cosy furnishing such as high‑back sofas that offer privacy for couples to browse for the perfect piece. At the Celestial zone, which showcases the brand’s designer starburst diamond, the round display counter is reminiscent of coffee tables and is perfect for an intimate tête‑à‑tête.

Colours and Textures

You can’t help but feel relaxed at the new refurbished Goldheart store at Ion. The use of warm colours expressed in wood, coral and burnished copper is perfectly balanced out by the cool grey and white tones of walls.

The ambience of the concept sets the tone for the uniform as well, with the staff all attired in relaxed yet smart grey slim-fit sweaters over navy tailored pants.

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