Flawless, bouncy glass-like skin is now within reach with the all-new THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection’s SEED line of skincare!

Infused with vitamins B5 and B3, along with soluble dietary fiber Beta-Glucan, each bottle or jar is formulated to give skin the much sought-after translucent glow of your favourite K-pop star!

This brand new range of skin care is tailor-made for young adults and is packed with superfoods and antioxidants – including sunflower seeds, soybean, oat and green oat and protects skin from environmental stressors, making it perfect for use in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. 

In Singapore, THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection will release two SEED ranges: Green SEED and Chia SEED with five varieties of skincare products in the Green SEED collection. 

Energy SEED Antioxidant Hydro Serum, 170ml / $38, is unlike any other serum that I have ever used. This water-based serum helps replenish the skin with much needed moisture and its unique water-like texture means that literally sinks into your skin upon contact!

This Mild Green formula is free of silicone, PEG and EWG-Green grade ingredients and is packed with skin protecting antioxidants. Interestingly and possibly because of its water-like texture, this serum can be used before the application of your toner. 

Green Natural SEED Antioxidant Toner, 160ml / $32,  this toner is super hydrating! It kept my skin bouncy and moist, minus the sticky-icky feeling some richer toners tend to have. It is also formulated with Green Natural Seed Formula™ to protect and relieve skin of the various external stressors. 

Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Emulsion, 145ml / $32, this moisturising emulsion instantly absorbs into skin without leaving behind any sticky feeling. Formulated with Green Natural Seed Formula™, this bottle of product contains tocopherol, Oat Kernel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Oat Kernel Extract.

Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Cream, 50ml / $48,  is a lightweight but powerful antioxidant Mild Green cream containing soybean-derived, 100% natural Tocopherol ingredients.

Each jar contains Green Natural Seed Formula™, along with naturally-extracted lecithin emulsifier and natural oils similar to that of coconut oil that give skin its smoothness. This Mild Green Formula is both silicone- and PEG-free and contains EWG Green Grade ingredients only and applies easily and has a delicate and pleasant scent. 

Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Serum, 50ml / $39, is a concentrated serum containing Green Natural Seed Formula™ and EWG Green Grade polymers to give skin its elasticity and luminosity. 

I was actually very excited to try this new collection of skin care that harnesses the power of seeds, grains and nature. Because I have sensitive skin, I am always on the look out for skin care that is natural, healthy for my skin, affordable and does what it promises, and I think I might have found what I was looking for with SEED!

The Energy SEED line of products will be available at all THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection outlets island-wide from this month.