FILA FUSION is launching its highly anticipated new limited edition JAGGER MOHAN shoes next week and only 20 pairs of these will be available in Singapore.

These JAGGER MOHAN shoes reprise the retro vibes of FILA’s popular classic look in the 1990s. The top is embellished with white tiger stripes and horse hair stitching. We are told that the tiger stripes on the shoes were inspired by the first white tiger named MOHAN discovered in 1951, India.

The heel detail of JAGGER MOHAN shows off the biometric appearance of fangs and represents the feral spirit of the beast staying true to its nature. 

The white and black design also reflects the tension between street fashion and mainstream fashion trends.

The fashion industry loves the safari theme so it never gets old. When the JAGGER series was first launched by FILA in 1998, the designs also drew inspirations from enigmatic beasts of both grassland and jungle, which include the jaguar and tiger, for their untamed characters and distinctive presence. 

The sole design of the shoes reflects the feral spirit of the beast staying true to its nature. 

FILA FUSION is the new sports brand of FILA. It focuses on innovation and reinterpretation of FILA’s classic styles and colours, combining popular picks from different countries and regions to offer diversity through a number of co-branded series and renowned collaborations in line with the latest trends in athleisure style. 

While FILA FUSION continues to evolve, it also strives to remain true to its DNA by keeping the iconic streamlined design and wide soles of its shoes. Being current while retaining its roots are reasons why the JAGGER series continue to set the bar high for street fashion two decades after its initial launch. 

The shoes will be launched exclusively at Orchard Central store (#01-05/21/22). 

Every pair of JAGGER MOHAN shoes is sold as a special package at S$308.00, which includes a totebag, T-shirt and pin from the JAGGER MOHAN range. For more information, please visit FILA.