If I could get a job where all I did every single day was to read fiction while I sipped on a cup of black coffee, I would die happy. If you threw in a cat to warm my lap, a dog to keep my toes toasty and a box of chocolate coated turkish delight, I would literally be in heaven.

But since my reality is not so snuggly, here are three books of fiction, by female authors that I think are worth a read this weekend.

‘Necessary People’ by Anna Pitoniak

This book is about two best friends with wildly different backgrounds who consider themselves family. It’s a stirring character study and treatise on the dark sides of ambition, friendship, family, and privilege that will hook you right from the start.

‘Reputation’ by Sara Shepard

In this fast-paced new novel from Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars, a tight-knit college town scrambles for answers when an e-mail hack reveals life-changing secrets and scandals. Shepard is a master at keeping you on your toes, and this novel is no exception. So if you’re looking for a new novel that draws you in and just won’t let go, this is it!

‘We Came Here to Forget’ by Andrea Dunlop

To escape a highly publicized family crisis, a champion skier travels to Argentina, where she joins a community of expats who, like her, are hiding dark secrets. The twist is unexpected and it turns a good book into a great one and suddenly, the novel is about something else entirely. Trust me, you wont be able to put this one down once you get going.