The grandson of Phyto Paris founder, Patrick Alès, Yahn Alès is humble, funny and passionate about all things hair. There is nothing pretentious about Yahn Alès, what you see is what you get. His sincerity is refreshing and his fascination with hair and botanicals charming.

LC: You have a masters degree in business management. Is this the career path you saw yourself taking?

YA: After I graduated, my grandfather Patrick Ales invited me to join the company, but I politely turned him down. I wanted to have him as my grandfather and not my boss. Seven years later, my father asked me to come on board and I finally did. While this was not the career path I initially saw myself taking, I feel that I am where I should be.

LC: Haircare is in your blood, but is it something that you feel passionate about?

YA: I have always been passionate about cosmetics and botanicals. I love how plants can be used in both hair care and skin care. My grandfather used to always tell me that there is no other job that can enhance a woman more than a beautiful head of perfectly coiffed hair. It’s amazing the happiness a beautiful head of hair can have on a woman and I love learning about how botanical extracts can be used to create products that can make a woman happy.

LC: Could you share a haircare tip with the readers

YA: This is something that I do. Every week, I apply Phytopolleine Universal Elixir on my scalp and leave it on overnight before showering the next morning. I love the scent and the effect it has on my hair. And if you are having scalp issues – which is common during the winter and summer months – I would recommend taking Phytophanere dietary supplement.

LC: You travel a lot for work. What do you never leave home without?

YA: Hotel shampoos can be very drying on the hair, which is why I always bring along my own shampoo, but even if I forget to pack my shampoo, one thing I always take with me is Phyto-7. Phyto-7 is a leave-in conditioner and it keeps my hair soft and manageable. I also use this after diving, to counteract the drying effects of the saltwater. It was also the first product that was created by my grandfather and a few years ago, my father ate a bit of it to prove that it was made purely out of plants. I wouldn’t eat it, but I definitely can’t do without it.

LC: What’s your favourite, can’t live without Phyto product?

YA: I always use Phyto-7, Phytopolleine Universal Elixir and when I need it, I take Phytophanere dietary supplement. These are my personal must-have products from Phyto.

LC: Describe yourself in five words.

YA: I would say that I am creative, a humanist, a generally happy person with a ready smile, a little bit lazy with a good sense of humour.

LC: What’s your pet peeve?

YA: I don’t like negative people. I think all we need to do is to simply train our mind to see the positive in every situation.

LC Go on then, tell us a secret.

YA: This is something that no one knows, but I used to suck my thumb until I was eight years old. I didn’t suck it all the time, just when I was sleeping.