Unless you have suffered from acne, it’s really hard to put into words how demoralising it can be. In my teens, I was mercilessly plagued by the ugliest, painful and pus-filled pimples that you could imagine. My face was constantly red and raw from over washing with harsh, and now that I think about it, totally unsuitable skincare products.

In fact, acne has been shown to reduce a person’s quality of life, self-esteem and mood. It has even been associated with both anxiety and depression and is really not something to take lightly.

If Cetaphil PRO Acne had existed during my teen years, I wouldn’t have had to have suffered the shame that I did. So for all you acne suffers out there, here is a gentle solution to your acne woes.

The all-new Cetaphil PRO Acne Prone skincare is clinically proven to reduce shine, blemishes and irritation, helping users to achieve clearer skin after just two weeks of regular use.  Since I am close to my periods, I had a giant pimple pop its ugly head, but after just one wash with this cleanser, my skin has cleared up.

The range includes Cetaphil® PRO Acne Prone Oil Control Foam Wash priced at $32.90 which cleanses deeply yet gently, removing up to 98% of excess oil and leaving the skin supple and soft and not tight and dry.

I really love how it smells and feels and this has now become my favourite facial wash!

The light-textured Cetaphil® PRO Acne Prone Oil-free Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 priced at $42.90 soothes and relieves the skin by improving dryness and roughness, while strengthening and restoring the skin barrier.

Just because you have pimples does not mean that you should not moisturise. You just need to find a suitable moisturiser that won’t clog your pores and make your acne worse.

According to Consultant, Dermatologist Dr Colin Theng from The Skin Specialists & Laser Clinic – “avoid the use of harsh products that can irritate the face. Use a gentle cleanser that cleans the oil with minimal irritation and moisturise the skin regularly to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce irritation. Be sure to avoid constantly touching, scrubbing the face and squeezing the pimples.”

Acne is a results of a combination of factors. From excess sebum production, clogged pores from the abnormal shedding of dead skin cells and resulting overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation.

In addition to appropriate acne treatment, having a good skincare regimen and good personal hygiene is vital to manage acne-prone skin

The Cetaphil® PRO Acne Prone range is available now at all leading retail and hospital pharmacies as well as Cetaphil® official online stores on Lazada, Qoo10, RedMart and Shopee.