Summer is in full swing and like many wine drinkers, you may have stored your red wine bottles away for the cooler Autumn months. While it is a popular belief that red wine is for the cooler seasons and white wine is for the warmer months, we have to disagree – after all, it is always Summer here in Singapore.

While a crisp white can be a great thirst quencher, especially in the suffocating heat of the summer, a chilled red can be just as refreshing and The General shiraz 2016 hits the spot just perfectly!

Hentley Farm has developed a reputation as one of the best boutique wineries in South Australia. In 2015 it was the only Barossa winery – out of 160 in total – to have won the Halliday Winery of the Year award. And if there’s one thing that binds everything they do, it’s their attitude towards making everything to an incredibly high standard. 

The General shiraz 2016 is a perfect example of the winery’s hard-hitting approach. With notes of star anise, plum and chocolate, we really do think that this is the perfect wine to crack open over dinner, with a group of friends or after a hard day at work.

Expect a burst of plum and cherry jam with a chocolate and raisin edge that is perfectly balanced with the subtle woodiness of oak. This is a deep and powerful red that seduces with every sip. 

Over the past decade with Andrew Quin as winemaker, Keith Hentschke and Hentley Farm wines have earned a reputation as one of the absolute highest quality boutique wineries in Australia.

The wines at Hentley Farm are all about elegance, finesse and structure, with the Barossa signature flavour of a rich fruitiness at its heart. If you are looking for a good bottle of wine, we would recommend you give The General Shiraz 2016 a try. A bottle retails for just $40 and is available here.