When I first heard about the BB laser, I was like ‘who in their right mind would insert BB cream into their face?’. But after some time with google, I realised that the BB laser was not about inserting BB cream into the epidermis, but about perfecting the surface of the skin so it appeared BB cream flawless.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want flawless and glowing skin? If I could wakeup looking like I Beautycam’d myself, I was all for it. So when I heard that Spacio Clinic was offering the treatment, I just had to schedule a session.

The BB Laser treatment is one of Korea’s most popular laser treatments in the market. the BB Laser is a unique sub-ablative 1927nm Thulium laser designed to improve skin texture and radiance. Its unique wavelength helps to clear pigmentation more quickly and effectively by targeting the basal layer of the skin. It improves elasticity, minimizes hair follicles, wrinkles and promotes the production of collagen.

Its been a few days shy of a week since my treatment and I must say that my skin looks clearer. Not dramatically so, like I have applied a thick layer of BB cream, but it’s brighter and more even-toned. My usually large pores are much smaller and overall, my skin just looks better and tighter. I know that with more treatments, I will see even better results.

The entire process was quite fast. The numbing cream was applied and left on for only 10 minutes (usually, its for around 20-30 minutes) and the entire laser procedure itself was quite speedy and completely painless. The doctor attending to me was lovely and explained the treatment in detail.

This is the sort of treatment I would totally recommend doing a week before a big date or event. I personally experienced zero downtime. However, depending on the setting used and the condition being treated, you could have a few days downtime, so be prepared.

In terms of cost, one session is priced at $600, but if it’s your first time, you can enjoy it at the trial price of $350.

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