From inventing “Le Brushing” or the French blowdry to creating the world’s first hydrating hair cream in 1968, the world’s first hair and nail supplement in 1980 and the world’s first hair-loss treatment in 1992, Paris-based haircare brand PHYTO is proud to hold over a dozen firsts since its inception 50 years ago. 

PHYTO came about because of one man’s love for nature and science during a time when plant-based remedies were only relegated to skincare.

He was none other than legendary hairstylist, Patrick Alès, “the man with the golden scissors” who rose to fame after he developed a special blow-drying technique in 1966 that gave hair a glamorous, full-bodied look. 

To commemorate 50 years of worldwide success in botanical-based tress treatments, PHYTO has come up with a new look and new range of haircare products.

There was a time when PHYTO’s products were handmade from the plants grown in founder Patrick Alès’s backyard. Today, they have state-of-the-art laboratories and more than 500 plant-based products. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed over time and that is PHYTO’s passion for nature.

Going Green: Giving Back To Nature, Giving Back To The People

We have always been inspired by nature and deeply believe in the goodness of plants. So, to celebrate our golden jubilee, we decided to opt for eco-friendly packaging. Even our products are 99% plant-based that are obtained through green environmentally-friendly and healthy processes,” – Lynn Tan, Managing Director of Ales Groupe Singapore.

PHYTO will be unveiling their sleek new packaging made from recyclable materials and labels sourced from sustainably-managed forests. The Parisian haircare expert will be doing away with boxes, and transitioning from aluminium bottles to a much lighter, eco-friendly plastic materials, proven to maintain the freshness and efficacy of the formulas within.

“The old plastic bottles underwent proper trash management to ensure that there was no waste created due to this change in packaging, where the brand is taking further steps towards creating an ecosystem of environmental friendliness,” – Raphaël Yousri, the CEO of Ales Groupe- Phyto’s parent company.

With the new packaging, PHYTO will also be giving back to their fans by upsizing the volume of their shampoos and conditioners by 25% and bringing the price down by 20%. Giving consumers a total saving of 36%!

New Range Of Botanical Haircare Products 

To complement the new look, PHYTO will roll out four new ranges this year. Phytonovathrix an Anti Hair-Loss Treatment, is a new and improved 99% botanical treatment that targets 16 biological triggers to improve hair growth.

According to PHYTO, in a study of 74 volunteers who used Phytonovathrix three times a week for three months, the results were astounding with over 5,400 new hair strands growing back and hair-loss slowing down considerably. Priced at $249.90, Phytonovathrix Anti Hair-Loss Treatment (12 X 3.5 ml) is now available for sale at stores.

They also be also be rolling out the all-new Phytodetox Anti-Pollution Cleansing line, plus the reformulation of Phytojoba Hydrating series and Phytocolor Colour Protecting range.

This year also marks PHYTO’s move into the department stores in Singapore with its very own beauty counter at Robinsons Heeren, and a pop-up counter at Tangs Vivo City from July – Dec 2019.

Currently, PHYTO retails over-the-shelf at My Beauté Paris ION Orchard #B3-49, My Beauté Paris Parkway Parade #B-75, Takashimaya, Robinsons, Metro & Guardian Stores.

PHYTO hair care products are also available online here, RedMart, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Zilingo, EAMart and Amazon.