Fans of all things Koean and Japanese will be excited to know that Korean supplement brand KLabTM and Japanese brand ShizukuTM have launched three new health/beauty products this week.

We tried out the products for a couple of days and while we can’t comment on its efficacy due to the short trial duration, we can however give you the low down on the taste and feel of each of them.

Collagen Fans Will Enjoy The All-Natural ShizukuTM Collagen Pomegranate Jelly

The box retails at $59.90 for 15 sachets of collagen jelly. Each sachet has 3000mg of collagen and you need to consume only one sachet a day for a period of at least four to eight weeks to see visible results.

As far as taste goes, its fruity and tasty. Its a soft, yet firm jelly and perfect for those days when you need to get out the door pronto and don’t have time to make your glass of morning collagen.

The collagen jelly is enriched with the pure, nutrient- and mineral-rich waters of Mount Fuji and is produced using the latest Nano TRI-Collagen Peptide technology, which makes it possible for the collagen to be completely absorbed into the bloodstream upon digestion and is said to provide three-times the hydration.

Highly bioavailable and cold water-soluble, collagen peptides act as building blocks, renewing bodily tissue like skin, bones and joints. It has even been proposed that collagen peptides may act as a messenger to cells and trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers.

Slim Down And Lose Stubborn Fat With KLabTM

Carefully formulated in Korea, KLabTM offers two weight-loss formulas- Slim&Control and Smoothie Enzyme&Detox. When used together for a period of 14 days, it is claimed that you can expect to see up to 4kg weight loss and an increase in energy levels.

Slim & Control retails at $228 for 60 tablets and is formulated in Korea and manufactured in the USA, keeping to the strictest Good Manufacturing Practice as stipulated by the FDA. The formula is said to ensure that your body receives the nutrients it needs throughout your weight-loss journey while simultaneously helping you keep off the pounds you shed.

Natural ingredients like Reishi mushroom and red sage help with weight loss by boosting immunity, increasing energy and stimulating circulation. Poria mushroom reduces fluid retention and prevents skin discolouration, while Jasmine flower increases metabolism and enhances the effectiveness of exercise. Tumeric works by preventing the accumulation of fat tissue, promoting thermogenic action which helps in fat burn and accelerated diet-induced weight lost and Moringa which is rich in antioxidants lower blood sugar levels. 

The Smoothie Enzyme&Detox is the perfect complement to Slim&Control and is said to help you achieve better weight-loss results when used together. A box of Smoothie Enzyme&Detox retails for $59 for 20 sachets and is said to improve your overall body wellness. This Korean formulation, is a nutritious enzyme drink enriched with high fiber organic phytonutrients in combination with prebiotics to support healthy cleansing and detoxing. 

As far as the taste goes, it has a delicious fruity, berry-like flavour. It is a bit of a bother to disolve though, so I would suggest using a little tepid water and mix well to remove the lumps and then top up with ice or warm water, depending on whichever you prefer. Personally, I prefered it chilled, eventhough my first attempt had several undisolved bits.

The detoxification and cleansing process, reduces toxin build-up and eases constipation. A cleansed and healthy colon is the key to maintaining optimal body metabolism. With consistent consumption, it is claimed that you will begin to see clearer more rejuvenated skin, improved digestion, stronger immune system and increased energy. 

Smoothie Enzyme&Detox is made with blackcurrant extract, wheat fiber, inulin, oat fiber, Oxynea®, aloe vera powder, red beet powder, and digestive enzyme

With high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamin C, anthocyanins and polyphenols, the blackcurrant extract effectively boosts the immune system, while Aloe Vera, another great antioxidant agent, aids in digestion and detoxification, boosts energy, helps maintain weight and also balances alkaline-acidity in the body. Inulin contains functional properties like prebiotic effects to maintain the right balance of good bacteria in the gut and improve both digestive health. The digestive enzyme works as a catalyst to enhance the digestive system by helping it to break down nutrients and allowing the body to absorb it. High in nutrients and low in calories, red beet is an excellent source of fibre to improve digestion while promoting the feeling of fullness to help with weight loss. 

Oxynea® a Mediterranean dietery antioxidant packed with 22 natural and non-GMO fruits and vegetables extracts and concentrates improves digestive issues and overall well-being. Oat fiber is a nutritious and high in powerful soluble fiber called Beta-Glucan that lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. It also promotes the feeling of fullness, making it a great weight control aid. Lastly, the low-in-fat and high-protein wheat fiber suppresses appetite, reduces fat storage, lowers blood sugar levels, increases fullness and reduces calorie intake.

Optimal results can be achieved when both products are used in tandem.

Users of KLabTM Slim&Control and/ or Smoothie&Detox can enjoy S$10 cashback for every kilogram lost. Simply take a video of your current weight on a weighing scale and take a snapshot of proof of purchase of KLabTM product(s) and WhatsApp your name, date and weight to 8531 2936 for verification. Take a ‘after’ weight loss video upon completion of product to receive the cashback. Your loss can also be your gain!

All KLabTM and ShizukuTM products are available exclusively at over sixty selected Watsons outlets and at Healthpasar.


At Lifestyle Collective, we don’t usually review or trial supplements, but since these products have been cleared by the Health Sciences Authority and are Singapore Food Agency-registered, we decided to give it a go. But please note that we are not endorsing nor claiming that the results mentioned can be achieved. Instead, we are simply sharing our experience of the product with you.