Work-life balance is a much-talked-about problem faced by millions of busy working parents here in Singapore. Parents today, recognise the importance of spending time with their children in their formative, fleeting first years and since working parents cannot always go to their children, Trehaus is bringing the children to the parents.

With their new space at City Hall, Funan, Trehaus is building a modern village right in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) area. This is a first-of-its-kind concept that is tailor-made to cater to the needs of working parents and their families in the city.

This modern village features a childcare centre and an innovative pre-school, a parents’ workplace as well as a family club.

TREHAUS SCHOOL: ‘Ahead Of Change’

The objective of TREHAUS SCHOOL is to revolutionise early education and enable parents to raise changemakers of the future. In line with their philosophy and mission to stay ‘Ahead of Change’, TREHAUS SCHOOL has a holistic, future-forward and Silicon Valley-inspired curriculum that focuses on building character and raising the next generation of changemakers.

Headed by a team of professional early childhood educators and caregivers, TREHAUS SCHOOL will cater to children from two months to six years of age and has a capacity to accommodate over 100 children. Not bound by a single principle, TREHAUS SCHOOL will pull teachings from leading pedagogies, with a tailored programme that promises to place character and individuality at the heart of development.

The unique offerings of the TREHAUS SCHOOL include unparalleled parent-child proximity and access, a track record in early childhood care and development, and a unique proprietary curriculum dedicated to ‘raising change-makers’ called the ‘Littles’ Programme’. This program offers to teach a range of skills and artforms, like leadership, basic coding, change-making, music, and culinary science. 

“We believe that to build character, unlock creativity, inspire curiosity and ignite a true love for learning, we need to venture beyond the classrooms and academic- based teaching, and we are building a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool that’s unlike any other, to create what we believe early education needs to become.” Carolina Sam, Head of Trehaus School

A Parent’s Workplace For All: Freelancers, Entrepreneurs And Corporates

Unlike most coworking spaces, this modern village is not dedicated to only freelancers and entrepreneurs but also offers corporates the liberty to enjoy ultimate work-life integration. With TREHAUS’ CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME, companies have an innovative and cost-effective solution to enable their employees to have flexible work arrangements and family-friendly benefits. Employees can be close to their little ones in the creche or school while they get some work done in the parents’ workplace under the same roof.

“The world is changing. Working parents of today don’t want to be forced to choose between career and family, and with Trehaus, they don’t have to. They don’t have to be bound to an office desk away from their children from 9 to 6 and miss out on being present in their children’s fleeting first years. Trehaus is excited to be at the forefront of changing workplace culture”. – Trehaus co-founder and CEO Dr Elaine Kim. 

The location of the preschool makes it possible for parents working in offices nearby to visit their kids any number of times during the day. They have the liberty to have lunch with their children, watch their children learn during short tea breaks and drive with them together to and from work. 

The TREHAUS CLUB: Bringing Families Together

In addition to the preschool and the dedicated workplace, Trehaus is also bringing the TREHAUS CLUB – a family club that offers member families access to an array of facilities and amenities, which each member of the family can enjoy. From indoor playground cafes to private event spaces, and themed playdate areas to curated enrichment programmes- there is something for everyone in this club, and the best part is that it will also be open on weekends. At TREHAUS CLUB, ‘children are busy and parents are happy’, offering imagery of a reversed norm. 

With this new site, Trehaus aims at creating a space where parents and kids can find a magical home away from home. 

The Trehaus @ City Hall is located at 109 North Bridge Road, #07-21-33. Singapore 179097. Tel 9843 8077. For more information, go here.