K-beauty lovers are going to be obssessed with THEFACESHOP’s new and improved YEHWADAM Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Series!

This upgraded version of their existing popular anti-ageing product line made from Korean traditional medicinal herbs, now comes in a fancy new, very plush looking packaging and works to restore the balance and vitality of the skin, revealing natural radiance, resilience and a brighter complexion, all of which we can truly attest to.

The range smells subtly of ginseng and applies beautifully on the skin. The toner is my all time favourite as it instantly plumps up my skin and makes my pores almost invisible. I have received so many compliments since using this range that I have already purchased the entire set. In fact, this has now become my must-have daily skin care range.

Based on the philosophy of ‘Cheon-ji-in (heaven-earth-human)’ which seeks to deliver nature’s energy to the skin, the range uses ‘Cheon-hye-myeong-ui-dan’ complex, a secret formula which consists 12-pristine traditional herbs to help drive interaction between the natural ingredients to bring optimal efficacy to the skin. This renewed traditional herbal formula also supplements vital fluid to the skin to restore balance and youthfulness. 

Another addition to the new and improved range is the ‘Bo-yoon-dan’ complex, which is a highly concentrated complex of vitalizing ingredients that delivers deep nourishment to the innermost layers of the skin. The main ingredients added to this complex are White Truffles and Deer Antlers that helps boost the skin’s energy metabolism and vitality. 

THEFACESHOP’s newly-improved YEHWADAM Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating series, consisting of a gold-flecked, deeply hydrating Toner 160ml, $65, a silky, melty Serum 45ml, $116, a hydrating Emulsion 140ml, $65, feather-light Eye Cream 25ml, $127, and a luxurious Face Cream 50ml, $116, that we just can’t get enough of. The entire range is now available at all THEFACESHOP and THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores island-wide.

And here’s another reason why this brand is so awesome, as part of their dedication to nature, THEFACESHOP does not allow animal testing on their products and all their product containers are recyclable!