BY Surabhi Pandey

Avengers Endgame is a poignant and powerful conclusion to an epic saga of 21 movies that I have religiously watched and watched again, over the past ten years. 

For this one, I am not going to get into the technicalities of plot lines and character arcs or the “what-could-have-been”. Simply because this is not a movie review but an honest reaction of a Marvel fan 

Before writing this article, I wanted to give everyone the chance to see the movie first plus, to be honest, I also needed some time to process the three-and-a-half-hour long rollercoaster ride that this movie is. However, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please be warned that this is a spoiler-packed article.

Avengers Endgame was released here in Singapore on 24th April and I was probably the first in the queue. I have to admit though that when I was leaving for the cinema, I almost turned and headed back home, because this would be it. The end of the saga.

As I reached the multiplex, a cloud above my head popped up with the Russo brothers reminding me to take a leak before I entered the cinema.

Popcorn and drinks set, wrapped in a cosy blanket and phone turned to silent- I sat waiting as they rolled commercial after commercial on the screen. After 12-minutes of back-to-back annoying adverts and several statutory warnings about not using mobile phones and not recording any part of the film, Marvel’s theme song came on, and got goosebumps.

The movie begins with Barton playing with his family right where we last saw him in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Within two-minutes, Thanos does his thing and his entire family is gone. Meanwhile, somewhere in a junkyard (thanks to a rat), Scott Lang is brought back to the world (five years later).

There were times when I cried like a baby and then there were moments when I couldn’t stop laughing. Avengers Endgame is a roller coaster of emotions, an ultimate high for any Marvel fan and a larger-than-life cinematic experience. Here are some of the moments that made me go back to the cinema so I could experience it all over again:

All Things Iron Man

Every single time Iron Man appeared on the screen in this movie, my heart ached- sometimes in pain, sometimes in awe, sometimes out of love and sometimes for no reason at all. From the heart-wrenching scene where he leaves his final message for Miss Potts from space and almost stops breathing until he is rescued by Captain Marvel, to the scene where he vents out at Steve Rogers at the Shield office back on earth- RDJ is at his best! I also loved Tony’s scenes with his father when he goes back to the 70s to fetch the Tesseract.

Some Iron Man one-liners were so good that I would totally get them printed on a T-shirt or even tattooed on my body. My favourites were of course “I love you three thousand” and “I am Iron Man”. As devastating as the death of Iron Man was for me, the way he died just made me prouder than ever of this character.

 Some amazing Iron Man easter eggs were when they brought the kid from Iron Man 3 for Tony Stark’s funeral and when Pepper floats the “Proof that Iron Man has a heart” memento from the first movie in the river.

Captain America Fights Captain America And Becomes Worthy of  Mjolnir

When the Avengers time travel and Cap 2019 fights Cap 2012, I was on the edge of my seat is sheer excitement. Another favourite Captain America scene for me was when he went back in time to acquire more time travel particles from Dr Lang and got a chance to see the love of his life again. Just the look on his face, his eyes in that extreme close up shot speaks volumes and brings a sincere intensity to the scene.

But, of course, the winning scene has to be the “To Your Left” and “Avengers Assemble” moment. People hooted at that scene. This was probably the first time I have experienced such a reaction since I have lived in Singapore!

And just when I thought it could not better, Cap summons Mjolnir and teams up with Thor to beat the stuffing out of Thanos! No words, I was speechless. (I think I heard a thud as people’s jaws hit the floor.)

Thor Is Fat, Hulk Is Cheerful And Black Widow Is Dead

Two of the most unexpected surprises were Thor’s 8-pack abs being replaced by a paunch, and Hulk and Banner’s weird “understanding”, which took me a little time to accept. These were witty surprises by the Russo brothers that kept the mood light and added a dash of humour.

The scene where Black Widow sacrifices herself so the Avengers can secure the Soul Stone was excruciatingly painful but also fitting in a way. After all, Nat would never let Barton die and she was the last one still holding on to the hope of fixing everything after Thanos had destroyed all the stones and Thor had chopped his head off. “I went for the head”, he said. “Whatever it takes”, she said.


I have already seen this movie twice and I plan on watching it again. I know if I were to nitpick, I would probably find holes in the storyline but since “we are in the endgame now”, all I want to say that this has been a ride of a lifetime. 

As they say, part of the journey is the end…