Spring is in the air! Baby birds are chirping, flowers are a blooming and the world has awoken from its slumber, making it the perfect time to crack open the alcohol and celebrate the season of new life and new beginings!

These pretty cocktails are not just instagram-worthy, they are also deliciously refreshing and perfect for the season. Here are some of our favourites. Yes, we tried each and everyone of them and here are the five that made the cut.

Crawford on the Green

If you love Elderflower as much as we do, you are going to love this one. This cocktail also happens to be our late sub-editor Charith’s favourite.


1 bottle of Kim Crawford, chilled

2 oz St. Elderflower Liqueur

1 green apple, sliced thinly

1 bunch fresh rosemary sprigs


Half-fill six chilled coupe glasses with ice cubes. Add a splash of Elderflower Liqueur to each glass. Fill each glass with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. Garnish with apple slices and a sprig of rosemary on a cocktail pick. Sip and savour this refreshing concoction!

Champagne Ginger Beer Punch


16 oz (2 cups) pomegranate juice

12 oz (1.5 cups) cranberry Juice

3 T lemon juice

8 oz (1 cup) peach vodka

1 bottle (750 ml) champagne

12 oz Ginger Beer

Mint Leaf


In a glass with ice, combine the listed ingredients. Stir and add pomegranate seeds, as desired. Garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy.

Green Cup

This delicious concoction is our editor’s go-to drink. Its simple, refreshing and perfect for the season.


2 parts Vodka

¾ part fresh lime juice

¾ part simple syrup

Cucumber slices and basil


Muddle cucumber and basil in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients and shake vigorously. Fine strain into a chilled Martini glass, and garnish lavishly with cucumber and basil.

Hibiscus Cocktail



Whole hibiscus flowers, packed in syrup

8 tsps of hibiscus syrup used to pack the flowers


Place a whole hibiscus flower in the bottom of glass. Fill glass with Prosecco to ¾” of the rim. Carefully spoon 2 tsps of the hibiscus syrup down the interior side of each glass.

Lavender Honey Fizz


1.5 oz. Gin 

.75 oz. fresh lemon juice 

.75 oz. White Wine Aperitif

.5 oz. honey water (1:1 honey to water)

4 dashes rosemary bitters 

1.5 oz. soda water 

1-2 sprigs fresh lavender 


Combine the Gin, lemon juice, White Wine Aperitif, honey and bitters in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Strain over ice into a rocks glass and top with soda water. Garnish with lavender and enjoy.