Personal care brand Love Beauty and Planet, has arrived in Singapore following its successful rollout across the US and the UK last year. Love Beauty and Planet, seeks to answer the increasing demand for beauty that is both ethical and environmentally aware.

Singapore will see the introduction of products including shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions and here at Lifestyle Collective, we got to try out a few of their products and we will share our thoughts with you.

Love Beauty and Planet was started with one goal in mind: “To make you more beautiful and give a little love to the planet”. The concept behind the brand was to make a difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with every shower. Adopting a holistic approach, the brand encompasses the entire product life cycle and beyond, with careful thought given to the ingredients and product packaging, in what they refer to as a passionate journey of #SmallActsofLove.

Each Love Beauty and Planet product is infused with selective organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from all over the world. Their sourcing partners help promote fair wage jobs and ethical sourcing for their essential oils and absolutes.

All product bottles by Love Beauty and Planet are filled with formulas made with ingredients that deliver brilliant care to your hair and body. The bottles, other than the caps, are made with 100% recycled materials to reduce waste, and you areencouraged to recycle after use. Plans are underway to develop caps made of 100% recycled materials in the next two years.

Love Beauty and Planet is committed to reducing their carbon footprint in their business. The brand currently quantifies its CO2 emissions along each step of production and tax the company for going over its goals. That money will support third-party programs that help reduce landfill waste and overall carbon emissions.

At Love Beauty and Planet, loving the planet means caring for all creatures who share it, hence the brand’s products are never tested on animals, something we at LC are quite passionate about. Love Beauty and Planet uses plant-based cleansers and detanglers; and is independently certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan by PETA, and vegan certified by Vegan Action. We test ran their body wash and have to say that we are hooked. The wash has a creamy lather and spreads very easily all over. It rinses off immediately, which means that you don’t need to use as much water. It leaves the skin feeling soft and mpisturised and smells divine.

The conditioner rinses off very easily as well and leaves hair feeling soft to the touch, but not weighed down.

Love Beauty and Planet is now available at selected Watsons stores island-wide, and on RedMart. It will also be available on Love Beauty and Planet website with an option to subscribe to the brand.

Opting to subscribe to Love Beauty and Planet gives you 10% off its products and allows you to recycle used bottles with the brand. From time to time, you may even get a small surprise gift to put a smile on yourface on this journey to Love Beauty and Planet.

Our final verdict? We think you should give the products a go. They smell and feel great and deliver what they promise. So far, we have only tried their body wash, shampoo and conditioner and have been quite pleased with the results.

We particularly like the fact that it is not tested on animals, is ecologically responsible and not only are their bottles made of 100% recycled plastic, they also give you the ability to recycle your used empties.