A London-based firm has created a prototype for a high-tech, smartphone-compatible airplane seat that could make flying considerably more comfortable. 

Layer’s “Move” seat for Airbus aircraft is designed to be implemented in economy class cabins on short-to-mid-length flights. Each is constructed of a digitally-knitted seat cover over a lightweight composite frame.

The smart material contains embedded sensors that allow passengers to monitor and control seat tension, temperature, pressure, movement and more using the the Move app. Sure sounds a lot better than fiddling with a dinky air vent for the duration of a flight. 

According to Layer’s website, the app also “analyzes data and automatically adjusts to the passenger to maintain optimal ergonomic comfort” based on said passenger’s weight, size and movement. 

Better yet, Dezeen reports that users can choose from a variety of different modes like “meal time,” “sleep” and even “massage.” 

On the back of each seat is a vertically-stored, height-adjustable tray table that can be folded in half, a slick infotainment system with USB ports to charge personal devices, and a small pocket made from pressure sensitive yarn that can send a notification after landing if a forgotten belonging is detected. 

Move seats aren’t just better for passengers – their weight-saving aluminium and carbon fibre frame translates to a lower overall payload and improved fuel efficiency.