Your face naturally produces oil to moisturise and protect your skin, so adding more oil may sound like a bad decision – but that’s not the case.

By adding on oils packed with vitamins and natural ingredients your skin actually slows down its own oil production to maintain balance.

And like moisturisers, there are a ton of different types of oils that offer everything from radical hydration and brightening (for dull skin) to anti-ageing and lifting.

Here are some of our favourite oils that you can mix and match until you find the right one – or the right combination – for you.


Aside from their skin-replenishing properties, oil formulas retain fragrance longer than alcohol-based ones. The ‘dry’ formulations are absorbed rapidly without a greasy residue.

Try: Jo Malone ‘Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil’


If you have naturally greasy strands, it’s probably best to skip to the next paragraph. If your hair is normal or, even dry, a few drops of oil will add lustre, condition and even function as a light styling aid.

Try: Lux Aestiva ‘Aphrodite Hair Oil’


Two factors at play here. First, oils will soften your coarse face fur and leave it feeling instantly softer. Good start. Second, its fragrance won’t evaporate as quickly as a spray and is actually absorbed by the follicles rather than merely sitting atop them.

Try: Tom Ford ‘Conditioning Beard Oil Neroli Portofino


It may seem counter intuitive but oil-based formulations with the right balance of botanicals can actually counteract congestion – especially with the juniper, camellia and wheatgerm.

Try: Aesop ‘Fabulous Face Oil’