What’s old is new again as fashion designers – and fashionistas – again return to the archives for new inspiration. But mixing vintage clothing into your modern wardrobe requires some know-how.

You’ll want to add pieces that will compliment what you already have rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Though it may seem like a daunting undertaking at first, there are a few ways to incorporate vintage clothing into modern fashion. 

Know What You Like And Why

First things first; go through your current wardrobe and remove anything you do not wear or is not working for your current look. This will bring you to a place where you can really think about the clothing and accessories that you love. Take this time to reflect consciously on what you like about them and note any consistencies that tend to make you comfortable. 

Vintage clothes

Once you know what you like in modern fashion, apply some of those aspects to vintage styles.  Keep in mind which colours and cuts you already know you like. Look through old magazines and period pieces to get a feel for what different styles are out there. Rummage through vintage stores and thrift stores to get to know what you like and what fits your vibe. 

Choose Vintage Clothing That Reflects Current Trends 

This may be one of the simplest ways to incorporate vintage clothing into your wardrobe. Fashion is cyclical. Keep an eye on current styles and identify which time period they may have come from. The fashion world often recycles looks and takes inspiration from past decades. This can easily be seen by the resurgence of 90’s and grunge-esque trends over the past few years. 

Take a look at current runway fashions and compare them to vintage looks. Chances are that you will find some surprising similarities. Go to the source and follow the inspiration to choose relevant, authentically vintage pieces. For example, not too long ago, revamped fringe “flapper dress” inspired looks were everywhere. It would not have been much of a stretch to incorporate an actual vintage dress from the 1920s era. 

Look For Timeless Pieces 

There are some things that never go out of style. You may notice certain vintage pieces that are just as fashionable today as they were at the time they were made. Classy items like sleek pencil skirts, simple button-down dresses, and even Mary Jane’s have stood the test of time and remained essential and current through the years.

Vintage shoesThese pieces can easily be paired with modern accessories and accents pieces to complete an updated look. 

Class Up Your Modern Look With Vintage Accessories 

Sometimes it is best to go simple and sleek. In this case, less is more. If you are worried about maintaining an appropriate balance or are nervous about actually pulling off a vintage look without looking outdated or tacky, it may be good to start small and work your way up from there. 

vintage watch necklace

Vintage accessories are the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of vintage fashion without overdoing it. Take a look at some antique jewellery or handbags. These are small enough not to be overbearing, but still add a charming vintage touch. Pairing a vintage brooch or pearl necklace with a simple, modern black dress creates a sophisticated and timeless look. 

Accessorise And Upscale Statement Pieces   

Once you are feeling comfortable and confident styling vintage pieces, you can always go for a bolder look. Choose something you know you love – something that stands out. Use this as your inspiration to cultivate a complete look with modern pieces that compliment this particular statement piece. A bold dress or pantsuit, or even a silky blouse could have great potential. 

Something as simple as adding trendy accessories or changing how something is worn can add life to a tired piece of clothing. Break up a suit by dressing down the top with jeans or pairing the skirt with a simple sweater. Change out the old buttons on a vintage jacket or dress for more relevant, modern ones or hem the skirt to a more appropriate length.


Vintage cateye sunglasses

Though it has changed so much over the years, it has also stayed the same in many ways. It is interesting to look at styles from our grandparents’ generation and see which aspects of their fashion are still common today. It is even more fascinating to look at our parents’ old wardrobes and see that much of it has been repeated and revamped in today’s trends. Do not be afraid to wear vintage and incorporate it into your everyday looks. There are so many treasures out there waiting to be brought back to life and class up your modern look.