Don’t spend any energy trying to find a Halloween costume that you’ll never wear again. Instead, pick up something easy (like, you know, a T-shirt) and then wear it once in public on October 31st – and then to sleep in for the rest of the year.

Here are 5 of the easiest pieces you can buy…

Halloween Glow In The Dark Pumpkin T-Shirt

A Halloween-themed tee with black jeans and sneakers is about as low-key as a costume can get.

Starsouce Halloween Animal Slippers

Wear all black or all brown, and then throw on some monster slippers. Done.

BoohooMan Skeleton Onesie

Like wearing PJs, but scary(ish).

Stance Michael Myers Socks

Cuff your jeans up (or go for a full crop) to show off the laziest costume of all time: a pair of horror socks.

John Varvatos Kiss Graphic T-Shirt

If you want to try just a little, wear this with distressed denim, Chelsea boots, and a leather jacket. (And maybe learn the chords to a few songs.)