Nothing could be worse than being the centre of unwanted attention – other than being the centre of unwanted negative attention. Especially if it could have been avoided had you just worn something different. With the world judging you by your looks first, here are five cringe-worthy fashion faux pas that are best avoided.

Socks With Sandals

This combination was polled as the worst fashion faux pas in 2013 by Debenhams and second worst in 2018 by Zoosk. It is a look that conjures up images of dads unaware of fashion or pedicures. Though it has been shown on the catwalk and by icons such as David Beckham and Justin Beiber, it remains a look that suggests an anti-fashion fashion statement and, perhaps, really bad feet. Sandals were designed to be worn without socks to let the feet breathe and feel comfortable in the summer. Pairing it with socks is on a par with wearing contacts with fake glasses.

Wrinkled Clothing

Casual and carefree may be a style you wish to portray but wrinkled clothing only delivers a message that a) you don’t own an iron, or b) you don’t know how to iron. Wrinkled clothing not only looks untidy, but it also suggests that you did not make an effort for the occasion. No matter how informal the situation, being sloppy is not a look that is endearing.

Visible Or Protruding Underwear

For women, this could be visible panty lines through a skin-tight dress or a visible thong from low waistline trousers. Similarly, men wearing trousers that intentionally show off their boxers or briefs are also party to this faux pas. Underwear can be very sexy in the bedroom or anyplace where you want to send a “private message.” On public display, however, the message is not very sexy. It can embarrass people around you and portrays a lack of understanding of sex appeal.

Wearing Pyjamas In Public

Patients wear pyjamas on hospital grounds and although there may be many patients, it does not necessarily mean pyjamas in public is a trend. Unless you want to be seen as a patient with debilitating conditions, wearing pyjamas in public is just another way to say you don’t have any other clothing or you are too much of a sloth to get dressed.

There are plenty of days that you will want to spend in the comfort of your pyjamas, and there is nothing wrong with that. But on these days, would it not be better to stay in the comfort of your own home? In this day and age where anything can be delivered to your front door, going out in your pyjamas is not necessary. Therefore, to go out in your pyjamas is nothing short of a statement that you see no point in getting dressed.

A headteacher in Darlington, UK made headlines when she wrote to parents specifically to ask them to get dressed when taking their kids to or collecting their kids from school – being dressed in public provides a good example for children.

Bad Fake Tan

What can be worse than looking like a relative of the Oompa Loompa people from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Orange skin can never be attractive in any sense, and the only time you will see orange skin is when someone consumes too much beta-carotene, found in carrots and sun tanning tablets.

Fake-tan smearing and stains on your clothes are also a no-no. It makes your clothes look dirty and distracts from the glowing tan as it’s blindingly obvious that it’s fake. Although the look of a sun-kissed glow can seem appealing, the WHO has stated that there is no such thing as a healthy tan. Healthy skin glows whatever the skin tone and using fake tan is just not necessary.


How you dress goes hand in hand with the image you want to portray and people will take it into account when assessing your character. Your clothing can reveal your personality and tastes, as well as play a role in making a good first impression. Staying on top of fashion faux pas is not just a style issue, it also demonstrates your awareness of the trends in society and your attention to detail. It gives a message that you understand and are in control of how you represent yourself in public.