If you are of Chinese origin, no matter which part of the world you were born and brought up in, you can be sure to have been fed a bottle of chicken essence whenever you were feeling under the weather or heading for an exam.

Which is why, as an adult, my kitchen cabinet is always stocked with a box of chicken essence, for those times when I need a quick boost of energy or to give my immunity a bit of a lift – or even to give myself a bit of comfort when things get too rough-and-tumbly, as they often do for us grown-ups.

For the first time, Hong Kong’s most popular Pure Dripped Chicken Essence will now also be available in Singapore. Wang Chao Pure Chicken Essence a brand well-loved by HK celebrities and recommended by over 98% of local (HK) users, is made without any oil, hormones, fat or cholesterol.

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The benefits of drinking chicken essence, especially for pregnant mothers during prenatal care and post-natal confinement, and breastfeeding mothers, are boundless. However, it is important to ensure that the essence you are consuming, especially when you are at your most vulnerable, is pure and free of added antibiotics and hormones.

Wang Chao Chicken Essence comes packed with protein, collagen and 18 types of amino acids – nine of which are essential for our good health. As a nutritional supplement, Wang Chao Chicken Essence helps to boost the body’s vitality and restore its physical strength, making it a nourishing daily supplement for busy women, new mums, post-surgery patients, children and the elderly.

I actually received my box of Wang Chao chicken essence when I was down with the flu, and I believe that drinking the recommended two pouches a day (morning and night) helped boost my immunity and helped me recover faster than I would have otherwise done.  

Using non-hormone injected hens, every pouch of Wang Chao Chicken Essence is guaranteed to be 100% natural – made of pure chicken essence extract, with no added preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings or colourings. From the strict selection of hens right down to the packaging, the brand utilises state-of-the-art equipment and careful quality control to ensure that you get the best optimal nutrition from every drop.

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Wang Chao Chicken Essence retails for $85.00 for a box of 10 sachets and can be purchased online here.

From 12th – 14th October, Wang Chao Chicken Essence will be present at Mummy’s Market (Singapore Expo) at Booth H30A-C. Product sampling and the following exclusive discounts will be available: 

1 Box at $79 (UP $85)

2 Boxes at $153 (UP $170) – 10% savings

5 Boxes at $360 (UP $425) – 15% savings

You will receive free delivery for the purchase of two boxes and above.

If you are a Facebook fan of Wang Chao Chicken Essence Singapore simply flash the page on your mobile phone, and be entitled to a complimentary 200ml bottle of Kodomo Baby Bath!

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