Mayochup is officially here, proving you can get a massive corporation to accomplish anything if you make a big enough deal of it on social media. Such was the case with Heinz and a product that combined ketchup and mayonnaise in one convenient squeeze bottle.

First, Americans on Twitter got extremely jealous that Heinz made a product called “Mayochup” for Middle Eastern markets, starting a grassroots campaign to bring it stateside.

Heinz took a vote, then announced it would bring the product to the U.S. after half a million people voted in favour. Now, Heinz says the Mayochup is here, and it’s running a poll on Twitter right now to see which US city gets to taste it first. This is what democracy looks like.

After this initial poll-based rollout, it looks like Mayochup will be available in most major grocery stores and on Amazon. Shouldn’t be too hard to buy enough for your burgers, fries, and for (ahem) chugging straight from the bottle. Cheers.