Our skin is a highly complex structure that is unique to each of us. Characteristics like texture, pore size, sebum levels, melanin activity, wrinkle depth and puffiness varies from individual to individual. But the uniqueness doesn’t end there. Our skin also evolves throughout the day, adjusting itself according to a number of factors like the season, climate and environment.

Even factors like stress, age and internal body changes, can further impact the condition of our skin, making it even more unique than our DNA and fingerprint!

Essencious by BelleWave embraces this uniqueness by creating an entire line of skin care that gives the consumer the freedom to personalize their skincare regimen, based on their unique needs, thus ensuring that their skincare always meets their needs.

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This all-new product range is built around versatile formulations that are highly adaptable and can be mixed, layered and blended in various combinations to form a unique set of skincare specific to your skin’s needs at that very moment in time. 

Each formulation contains innovative actives that let you build a custom cocktail blend of serum, moisturizer or facial treatment, personalized for your skin and lifestyle.

The Essencious homecare range offers a broad range of specialized boosters that can be used to build a customizable skincare regimen, making it easy to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it, even at home

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This personalisation does not end in your home. Instead, Essencious allows your  Essencious Salon beautician to use concentrated ampoules and intensive masks to craft special intensive in-salon treatments that works for you.

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