In the fashion world there are still some sensitive issues that continue to inflame debates and split the public into two factions. One of these, maybe the most controversial, concerns the use of leather and fur. For years now, the debate deploys two teams, the Pro-Fur and the Anti-Fur, which are Pro-Faux Fur.

As an animal lover, the choice for me is obvious. But if you are a lover of all things fur and find yourself on the fence when it comes to making the transition into faux fur, there are new developments in the industry that you should seriously consider.

The good news is faux fur has undergone a makeover and designers are implementing it in everything from coats to shirts to hats. Let us shed some light on the advancement and benefits of faux fur.


High-end clothing brands have long resisted using anything other than real fur; however, due to customer demands and personal lifestyle choices we are seeing a shift in the fashion industry. The transition is slow but we applaud each step designers are taking in the name of cruelty-free clothing.

John Galliano

Creative Director of Margiela and his own self-named brand, John Galliano announced earlier this year that he is committed to ending the use of real fur after years of being on the fence. While doing as many of us do in our spare time, swimming in the lavish waters of St. Tropez with the likes of Penelope Cruz, he was startled by PETA vice president, Dan Matthews who emerged from the waters like an aquatic phantom.

After a conversation regarding the use of fur and with both positions being heard, Galliano actually made a decision to stop the use of fur in his designs. And, for all of the designer fashionistas out there, Galliano says fur is no longer associated with luxury. He stated, “…Today we don’t want a product, we want ethics, a firm that defends the values that we admire.”


Gucci faux fur
Gucci lends heft to a growing chorus of luxury companies going fur-free

Almost a year ago, Gucci chief executive and president Marco Bizzarri banned the use of fur in their designs starting with their spring/summer 2018 line, after a long five years of debate.

According to Bizzarri, fur has been on its way out of the fashion industry and is outdated. Realizing that Alessandro Michele shared his fur-free vision, Bizzari hired him as the creative director of Gucci and shared with Vogue, “Technology is now available that means you don’t need to use fur. The alternatives are luxurious. There is just no need.”

Though many of Gucci’s designs include fur, wearers need not worry as mock fur will serve as an alternative, providing the high quality and trendy look you expect to receive from the designer brand.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Faux Fur

With a mother who was in the vegetarian food business, and a rockstar dad who is an animal activist, Stella McCartney is not a newbie to the animal-friendly lifestyle.

Her brand is a leader in the fur-free movement and her respect for animals is part of the foundation of her company. McCartney’s refusal to using real fur shouldn’t put you off as she uses her creatively fashionable designs, from bags to hats and jackets, as an opportunity to display all the faux-fur possibilities.

After surprising onlookers with more fake fur than the industry was used to, she explained her decision, “I’ve been speaking to younger women about it recently and they don’t even want real fur. So I feel like maybe things have moved on …

Stella also makes a point to provide her customers with authentic looking options of the highest quality. Shoppers can also flaunt vegan leather and the clothing line is currently exploring cruelty-free options for silk, so be on the lookout for an extension to the already out-of-the box brand.


For shoppers who prefer high street brands, there are a many of them who are committed to providing hot fur alternatives to their consumers.

Old Navy

Old Navy is the go-to place for many young people seeking the latest in fur trends for a fraction of what you would pay for designer items. Children and adults can stock up on good quality faux fur vests, accessories, and coats for a budget-friendly price. Their classic puff jackets with mock fur trim are fashionable, sturdy, and timeless.


As one of the largest international fashion brands, Zara has seen the shift in its customers’ attitudes and understands the benefits of going fur-free. The brand is committed to offering the hottest throwback and future apparel for their shoppers and they do so without the use of real fur. Expect to fulfill your need for fur with their many faux-fur garments.

These companies and many like them are changing their ethical direction due to the demand of their customers and their own evolving beliefs. They are starting to understand that going fur-free is not about taking away consumer choices but supporting more ethical practices that benefit not only animals, but humans, and the environment as well.

By utilising fur alternatives, millions of animals’ lives are saved, you are investing in your health by decreasing the amount of chemicals you are exposed to, and you are making a significant difference in caring for the planet.

Kate Moss faux fur
Kate Moss rocks Faux Fur!

Faux fur can be rocked just like real fur on coats, shirts, purses, headpieces, jewellery, and other accessories. Cutting out real fur is encouraging designers everywhere to find new approaches to impressing buyers and it seems they are succeeding at the challenge.