Bras are every girl’s best friend, said no woman ever. You are probably, like many women, wondering who thought of the bra and why? The whole bra experience can be uncomfortable and downright painful at times, especially when your undergarment is killing your outfit with bulges or visible straps.

This, however, need not be the case. With a few tips and tweaks you can be on your way to flaunting your ensemble with confidence and comfort. 

The Importance of Quality Undergarments. 

Undergarments serve a variety of purposes. They act as a barrier between sweat and your clothes. Our brassieres and knickers can add a layer of protection from the body happenings no one likes to talk about. Intimates also provide smoothing and shaping to our bodies. When the proper undergarments are chosen they can disguise cellulite, push-up boobs, and pull in tummies. In addition, our intimates can give us an extra level of sex appeal and help build our confidence.

Why All Bras Are Not Created Equal. 

Buying bras can prove to be a struggle even for the most seasoned shopper. Some of us have more curves. Some of our breasts have succumbed to gravity. Some of us have sensitive skin that cannot handle all fabrics, and the list of special circumstances goes on. 

Our bodies are different and pose unique requirements, hence all bras are not created equal. For those with smaller breasts, the options are more generous. A woman with an A-cup can run into the nearest shop and grab a cute sturdy bra under €20 and be on her way.  

image courtesy of: Style Shoots

Not so easy for those of us who bear a DD and larger cup size. We need a little more fabric and a bit more support which means more work on the designer’s side. So, women in these sizes tend to shell out between €60 and €140 for bras and must go to specialised stores. Incredible curves come with an incredible cost.

How to Choose a Bra. 

When you think of how often you wear bras and when you wear them, it is crucial to approach brassiere shopping as an investment in yourself. For beginners—or those who still feel like beginners—take your time, do your research, and do not be afraid to try on bras until you find your perfect match.

  1. Decide why you need a bra. Are you looking for comfort and support during long work days? Do you need something to secure the girls while you conquer your HIIT? Is date night approaching and you want something sexy and lacey? Know what type of bra(s) you are in search of before going anywhere. This will not only keep you focussed but ensures you have the right undergarment for each outfit and setting. 
  1. Get fitted. A good fitting will guarantee a proper and comfortable fit, as well as helping you discover a wider range of options for your size. Bra specialists are trained to help you with this intimate experience and are open to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy. Once you have your measurements, make sure you save them for future purchases.
  1. Choose your store. The options for purchasing bras are endless. Whether you prefer to go into a store and shop or, you like to make a purchase with the simple click of a button, the undergarment industry has you covered. One of the main benefits for going into a store is the ability to try on your bra before buying. Though some online stores will allow you to return your bra within a specified number of days, you do lose time.

Some Useful Tips: 

Looking at pictures online before shopping can help you decide on the styles, colors, and price range you desire.  

Getting fitted is a personal experience done in a small fitting room for comfort. No need to worry about lack of privacy.

Finding a store that can cater to your needs can prove to be challenging sometimes. So once you find “your place”, build a relationship and keep going back.

Underwire vs. Wire-Free. Underwire bras have a wire built into the bottom of the cup for extra support. Wire-free bras have no wire. Traditionally, underwire bras were marketed to women with larger breasts while women with smaller breast seem to be able to forego the wire. Underwire bras have a reputation for being extremely uncomfortable and a headache when machine washed. 

However, as the bra has evolved, as have bodies, we are finding these idea are not always true. Women who are more endowed, now have the choice of supportive bras without wires or with partial wires. Those with a little less up top may need a wire support due to sagging. If any underwire bra is painful, consider first: underwires are not meant to cause discomfort; if it does, then your bra is most likely too small.

How Often Should You Be Fitted? Several factors can cause a change in our breasts such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, illness, and hormonal variances. It is recommended that women get a brassiere fitting ideally every six to 12 months to keep up with these changes.

What Kind of Bra Should You Wear If you Have… 

  • Size DD and up: Larger breasts need thicker bands and straps, as well as supportive cups.
  • Darker skin but want to wear nude colors: The point of nude intimates is to compliment your natural skin tones. Nude undergarments in varying colors are now available for women with brown hues.  
  • Back fat: Back fat can be combated through use of bras with a front closure, a thick band, and thick straps. 
  • Armpit fat: Hide armpit fat with full coverage bras and thicker bands. 
  • Nipples pointing in different directions: Put your boobs on the straight and narrow path with a classic T-shirt bra and a little memory foam or padding. 

woman in her underwear.jpgA bra should be the least of your concerns when you are at work pitching that new idea, celebrating an anniversary, or releasing stress in spin class. Don’t let your brassiere obstruct your daily routine and comfort. Keep in mind the goal of undergarments is to be an enhancement not a hindrance. Shop for your unique size. Whether you carry less on top or a tad more, the perfect bra is out there for you and ready to take your outfit from acceptable to fabulous.