Have you ever stared at your closet full of clothes and thought you have nothing to wear? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum—tired of listening to other people commenting on how you always wear the same thing? Every man has his own personal style, but there are some essentials for the foundation of a stylish wardrobe. Having these base pieces in your closet will ensure that a classic, chic look will never be too difficult to put together.

Pale Blue Button Down: This piece is a good base for any dressy or business attire. It pairs well with just about any colour or style of suit, or simply with a pair of trousers.

Oxford Cloth Button Down: A comfortable and well-fitting white OCBD is one of the most classic elements you can own. Adding a crisp clean vibe to any look, it is versatile and stylish. Tone down your suit trousers with your favourite OCBD for a chic look, or use them to dress up your Chinos for a sleek not-too-casual style.

Chambray Shirt: For a casual yet classic look, a solid Chambray or light denim shirt is a must. Its light and airy for those warmers days, with a colour that looks dashing on pretty much anyone.

The Basic T-shirt: Never underestimate the power of simplicity. A basic white t-shirt helps diversify your button-downs, or complete a minimalist look with Chinos or denim trousers and a classic leather or denim jacket.

Mid-layer Jumper: Great for that in-between weather, close-knit jumpers are essential for a pop of sophistication and colour. Wear them over your favourite OCBD or Chambray for an added element of fashion.

Dark Denim: One of the most versatile and popular staple pieces in any wardrobe, dark denim is sleek, classic, and can be worn both as casual and slightly more formal attire.

Chinos: The perfect middle ground between slacks and jeans, Chinos fit with a variety of occasions and styles. A sleek, slim fit complements most body types, too.

Wool Dress Trousers: Essential for any formal or dress outfit, a dependable pair of wool trousers should never be overlooked. Dark colours like navy or charcoal are both flattering and versatile. 


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White Trainers: Today’s trends are making basic white trainers even more necessary. They are a simple way to complete a variety of looks, from casual denim and t-shirt, to a business-casual suit. Be sure to choose a classic, casual style though—nothing you would wear to run a marathon.

Lace-up Dress Shoes: Whether they are black loafers, tan Derbies, or something even dressier, be sure to have a go-to pair of lace-up dress shoes. For days that you can’t get away with wearing white trainers with your suit or you want to dress up your Chinos, lace-ups will always come in handy.


The Blazer: Most commonly worn as a part of a suit, blazers can also be paired with Chinos or dark denim for a fashionable, but toned-down look for when you want to be stylish and sleek, but not too formal.

A “Bomber” or Denim Jacket: As it starts to get chilly outside, you get to explore the many options that jackets have to offer. These are fun to create a variety of looks. Depending on your personal style preference, you could get away with having either a classic bomber jacket or dependable denim jacket—or better yet, both!

Peacoat or Trench Coat: For something a little more formal, go for a light beige trench coat or a warmer dark peacoat. Both of these coats will add a chic, ageless element to your formal looks

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Well chosen accessories can change the look and feel of an outfit

The Necktie: You can’t complete a full formal look without a tie. Preferably, have more than one, and don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, designs, sizes and knotting styles.

Belts: It is recommended to have at least two dependable belts—black or grey and tan or brown. There’s no chance of looking sleek and put together if your trousers are constantly slipping.

Structured Bag: There are a variety of styles of masculine bags, from over the shoulder pouches to sophisticated leather handbags. Having your belongings in a bag rather than bulging in your pockets keeps you looking streamlined and organised.

Wristwatch: Commonly overlooked, a stylish watch is the perfect accent piece to complete any look. While it may seem unnecessary to some—with the abundant use of cell phones to tell time—it adds an essential element of elegance and timeless sophistication. 

Wrist watch
Looking sharp and sophisticated often boosts your confidence and facilitates a positive first impression. It is essential to have a blend of classic, enduring elements along with trendy and current pieces as the basis to a solid, well-rounded wardrobe.

With the right articles in your closet, you are never too far from an easy, stylish look for any occasion that may come your way.