Fashion accessories can be an outfit’s best friend or its worst nightmare. Living in a world where staying trendy has become a basic need, it’s easy to feel the pressure to purchase more clothes than you need. Before you go on your next shopping spree here is a little-known secret:

The key to a fashion-forward wardrobe is a collection of well-planned accessories.

Properly utilising accessories like necklaces, scarves, and hats can multiply the number of outfits you have. With some learning and experimenting, you will be able to add fashionista to your resume. 

Must-Have Fashion Accessories 

Fashion accessories are items used to upgrade your look through colour, designs, fabrics, and even functionality. The fabulous thing about accessories is you can change the base outfit simply by switching out the trimmings. When matched correctly, accessories will compliment your outfit and your overall appearance.

By building your collection you can save money reusing these flashes of flare across multiple outfits. You also save space in your closet. Despite what some believe, fashion accessories go beyond jewellery. Just about anything can be become an outfit booster, such as a blazer, scarf, or a hat.

statement necklace

A Statement Necklace. A simple ensemble that will turn heads when you walk into the room is a statement necklace. The styles of statement necklaces are plentiful and overflowing with character. 

A necklace is most flattering when sitting on bare skin of low neckline, on solid colours of a high neckline, or peeking through a button-up shirt that’s partially opened.

Think of this piece of jewellery as a conversation piece. If it stops you in your tracks, it is likely to stop others as well.  

Drape a fringe, art deco, or multi-layer necklace in black, gold, silver, white, or dark colours across a little black dress. Geometrical styles add pizzazz to your work ensemble. Bring on the confidence.

EarringsEarrings For Every OccasionWhen choosing your earrings, remember this adornment should flatter your face and compliment your hairstyle, as well as your outfit.

For round faces, dangling earrings give the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. Pair that with an up-do with bangs or a swoop and you are camera-ready.

If you want to keep things simple while adding a bit of style, throw on a pair of gold triangular or diamond studs–they are a classic fashion accessory. 


Hats. A trilby, boater or beret, hats are a fantastic accessory, simply because they are so versatile, functional and most importantly stylish.

Understandably one of the most trendy styles right now, is the Trilby—often mistaken for a Fedora, but features a more narrow rim—worn on the back of the head. 

Upgrade a casual crop-top and “mom jeans” with a straw or felt trilby, depending on the weather.

ScarfScarvesScarves are one of the most underestimated of the accessory collection. They are not just for keeping you warm in the winter, ladies. They are a major opportunity to show off your style no matter the season.

Try braiding, tying, folding, or draping one to three scarves around your neck, head, arms, and pants.

Instantly, you’ve gone from one plain outfit to at least 10 fabulous new ensembles. 

BlazerBlazers are lifesavers. Who knew how much a lightweight fitted jacket could do for an outfit? Throwing a blazer over a t-shirt and jeans takes you from super casual to ready for a meeting in a matter of seconds. If you work in an informal environment but have a coffee date after work, grab a pinstripe blazer, paired with a simple pair of earrings, and a cute but comfy stylish heel, and you have transformed your entire look.  

Think of accessories as wardrobe investments. You can wear and interchange them for months, if not years. They provide limitless options for sprucing up your seasonal looks.  Once you get going, however, the fun can take over and you can find yourself lost in accessories. Yes, one can go overboard with too many accessories. When in doubt ask yourself if you can still see your base outfit. If the first thing you see is a bunch of adornments, follow the famous words of fashion icon, CoCo Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”