There is no condiment more divisive than mayonnaise.

And so the Internet broke out into an all-out war when a small ice cream shot in Scotland went viral for its new creation: Hellmann’s Mayonnaise ice cream.

ICE Falkirk in Falkirk, Scotland is offering this creamy delight/monstrosity for $2.60 a scoop and described its taste as “full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste.”

And on the Internet people are having strong reactions: linny70I thought it was “#justwrongonsomanylevels” but then after trying it says, “It’s actually really nice, creamy, and rich.” denadesimone joked, “What gets me is the sprinkle of mayo on the top like icing. How could you?”

On ICE’s Facebook, a fan, Nidal Saed, shared, “I want one soooo bad. I love mayo. I can eat it by the spoon.” (Actually so can I… Don’t judge me.)

Actually Mayo’s richness and saltiness could pair well with ice cream, though the vinegar-y taste has me a little wary.

If you want to try it though, it’s probably pretty easy to just squirt some mayo, like chocolate syrup, directly into your vanilla ice cream right at home. Again – no judgments, obviously.