I’m sorry but exercising is just not fun. All the huffing and puffing like a 20-pack-day-smoker just doesn’t do it for me, neither does the sweating buckets and looking like a drowned rat. If God made me slim and perfect, I would spend my time binge watching Netflix and drinking wine, rather than killing myself on the treadmill three-times a week. Unfortunately the powers that be, were not so kind and I have inherited the gene that makes me fat simply from looking at a food poster.

So if you are like me and work out because you have to, as opposed to because you think its an awesome and fun thing to do, these five tips on how I keep myself motivated might help you motivate yourself.

Invest in cute workout wear. While this might sound super shallow to some, it really helps get me into the mood. While I abhor working out, I do enjoy looking cute, and donning my super cute workout gear, kind of makes working out less of a torture than it otherwise would be.

Workout wear

Remember why you started. I started working out because my cholesterol levels sky rocketed, which for someone in their mid twenties, is just not normal. But the real push came when I couldn’t get into my clothes. Looking like an overstuffed sausage in my skinny jeans was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Remembering how awful I look and how much better I could look if I was less fat, keeps me motivated to plod on for 30 minutes on my treadmill.

Tell yourself that ‘something is better than nothing’. Some days I come back from work and want to curl up and die I am so tired, but I have to remind myself that even 15-minutes on the treadmill is better than zero, so I put on my cute outfit and plod on.

Sign up for a group class. If you enjoy the company of others, you will actually benefit from group classes. I recently signed up for yoga at the community centre and I love it. It’s a five-minute walk from my house, which means I cant excuse myself from attending and I actually have great fun with my fellow class mates, most of whom make me seem far more limber than I really am.


Catch up on Netflix. I actually watch Netflix on my iPad while I jog on my treadmill and it is a fantastic way to keep me distracted from all the pain and suffering that I am putting myself through.

All in all, exercise is good for you. I don’t feel the rush of endorphins post workout and I cant relate to people who love to exercise and sweat and suffer, but I can see my body looking better and that helps keep me on track. At the end of the day, I think we just need to know why we are exercising and then remind ourselves of it whenever we feel the need to curl in bed with a jumbo pack of cheetos.