Fashion trends change rapidly with designers and retailers constantly producing things hoping to be the next “It” item, making it hard to keep up with current trends. We have cleaned out your closet for you and created a list of 10 items that you should always have in your wardrobe. By creating a wardrobe with these 10 staple pieces, you will always look in style. Adding these to your closet will also enhance your trendier and less expensive clothes, which will give you the absolute most from your closet.

For these basics, you will want to invest in high-quality and well-made pieces. Not only will these pieces last longer, they will be less likely to show signs of wear and tear and stand the test of time so you’ll be able to wear them over the years. Every woman, regardless of body shape, overall style, and age, can rock these looks. The items described below can be paired together in a combination of ways, giving the illusion that your closet is larger than it appears.


In 1926, Vogue magazine’s cover featured a black dress, designed by Coco Chanel, and it changed the fashion industry forever. Before that issue, black was considered acceptable only for people in mourning, and colourful dresses with a more complex shape were the rage. Today, the little black dress is a simple, subtle, and sophisticated item that should be included in your must-have pieces.

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A tailored blazer is a versatile piece that you can wear a number of ways, whether dressed up or down. For a more casual look, pairing a solid-coloured blazer with your favourite pair of jeans and a vintage T-shirt looks effortless. For something more formal, pair it with a simple A-line dress or over a jumper for a look that’s ready for the office. The blazer is what pulls the outfit together and makes the look complete.

Splurge on some designer black heels. You probably won’t wear these daily, but we guarantee there will be several occasions throughout the year where you’ll be glad they are already in your closet. Pick the most simple design possible with no added hardware or details for maximum flexibility.

A classic T-shirt flatters most shapes and is comfortable like a trusted friend. You can experiment with different necklines to find one that most suits you, but the V-neck is most classic. Stock up on this essential item in a variety of colours and necklines.

Another timeless piece is the tailored button-down shirt. You can layer over jumpers, pair it with a skirt, or compliment your favourite jeans, increasing your wardrobe exponentially. This is an item that you can wear to work, then dress it up in the evening with a bold-stated necklace.

Most stylists would recommend getting professionally measured for the next item—“a bra that fits and complements your shape.” In a study done in 2008 by the Australasian Chiropractic & Osteopathy Journal, reported that 80 percent of women were wearing the wrong bra size, with most women wearing a cup size too small. What you have underneath your outfit is important, not only for your confidence, but for your comfort throughout the day.

A pencil skirt will be a constant that will forever remain in style. For days when you absolutely cannot find anything else to wear, reach for the pencil skirt and pair it with a t-shirt or that button-down tailored shirt for a simple solution that looks great on every body shape.

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A flattering pair of jeans that you find comfortable and stylish. The style should fit your body type. Jeans come in all sorts of shapes, from flare bottoms to skinny jeans and the fashion may change with time. However, a pair that fits you perfectly will always be the perfect style.

A trench coat or a lightweight jacket that suits your climate. Trendy outerwear goes out of fashion quickly: what is considered stylish one year, may be outdated the next and shouting “so last year.” The remedy for this is a timeless, classic look. A trench coat can be added to a number of different outfits and will give you that polished look like you just walked off the runway.

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The last item is a sleek pair of black trousers. Black pants are versatile and can be paired with most items on this list. Save and spend your hard-earned money on a pair that flatters your shape, that’s comfortable, and that you will wear year after year.

Trends in the fashion industry shift and change, but by mixing and matching these essential building blocks, the possibilities are endless. These iconic fashion items are considered timeless and can span for decades and still be considered in-style. Add these foundation items to your wardrobe and from there you can easily experiment with new looks, colours, patterns, and trends as seasons change. Accessorise with jewellery to change up the look and give the outfit a polished feel. Add only purchase items that flatter your body shape—pieces that speak to you so you will wear them with complete confidence.