At the end of last month in France, billions of flowers were planted during the so-called “Flowers for the Bees” Week. The objective of this campaign: to feed and protect these insects now gravely threatened with extinction.

The French Observatory of Apidology, its patrons and plant professionals mobilised again this year to launch the 2nd annual “Flowers for the Bees”. On the occasion of this citizen’s challenge, billions of flowers, trees and honey plants were sown by more than 10,000 mobilized ambassadors, and just ordinary citizens who wished to make a special gesture for the planet.

For the occasion, some 700 plant professionals throughout France (garden centres, florists, horticulturists, nurserymen, landscapers, etc.) also offered seeds to plant to beautify planters, balconies, terraces, green spaces … in short, everywhere where possible! More than twenty foundations, companies and professional organisations also partnered event.

Around the world, bee colonies are threatened with extinction. And the reasons are multiple – pesticides, parasites, disease and the lack of food resources. This decline has mostly direct consequences on world crops, since nearly 1/3 of them depend on pollination. And without bees to forage, the planet would be devoid of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Suffice it to say, it would be impossible to feed 7.5 billion people on Earth without the help of these pollinators.

Ensuring the future of bees therefore, ensures the future of humans.

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