If you’re staying in a hotel for just a short space of time, there’s no point in unpacking your suitcase and filling the wardrobe and drawers, is there? But at the same time, getting your belongings out of a packed suitcase can be troublesome, and putting them back in is even worse.

That’s where the Lifepack Carry-on Closet comes in, with an intelligent design which allows it to quickly unfold into a portable wardrobe for your clothing.

The Carry-on Closet allows you to keep everything in one place, stay organised, and find things much faster. When you unzip the case, the collapsible compartment unfolds and hooks onto extended handle, providing easy access to everything you have in there.

The front of the suitcase acts as a kickstand, keeping it stable for the duration of your stay. As well as the patented integrated shelving system, it’s also a pretty good case, made of a durable polycarbonate shell in jet black with a gunmetal grey aluminium frame.

The Carry-On Closet includes a TSA approved lock, high-quality wheels, and trolley handle with a soft grip. This luggage is cabin-approved for carry-on with all airlines both international and domestic.

The Carry-on Closet is available from the Lifepack website priced at US$250, it’s currently out of stock, but with more expected to arrive in August.