This article came about after I binge-watched a show on YouTube called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. For a clean person who has been accused of having OCD tendencies, I found all the cleaning and disinfecting happening on the program most therapeutic, but it also made me realise that there are so many people out there, who most likely don’t share the same hygiene habits as me.

That kind of freaked me out, especially having realised that most people don’t even know how dirty they really are!

So I decided to do some research and asked everyone (yes, literally anyone I came upon, from the cashier at the local supermarket, strangers in the elevator and even my poor unsuspecting Grab drivers) how often they washed their bedding and towels. I totally blamed my intrusiveness on research for a story and almost everyone was open and honest about their habits – and horror upon horror, my suspicions were spot on, with most people not changing their bed linen for anywhere between two-weeks to a month, while some going as far as to sleep on the same bedding for three to six months before giving them a much needed wash.


So here’s the low-down. On average, you should wash your bedding once a week. I personally wash my linen twice or sometimes even three times a week, I know thats a tad excessive, but thats just me. I also launder my towels at the same time to make things easier.

The reason its recommended to launder your bedding weekly is because at night, irrespective of how cold the air-conditioning is and even if you are squeaky clean from a bath, you will sweat, shed millions of skin cells and transfer sebum from your skin and scalp onto your sheets and pillow cases. And if you don’t launder them, it just keeps building up and can clog your skin and even result in breakouts on your face and back, which is why dermatologists always advise patients to change their pillow cases weekly or even daily, and their sheets weekly.

Bath towels are another thing that people just assume don’t require changing. Towels should be laundered after three uses. So if you shower twice a day, you should be laundering your towel the next day, after your morning shower. The reason its advised to wash your towels after three uses is because damp towels are a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria and it seems counterproductive to rub your nice clean body with spores and germs, just because you are too lazy to dump it into the washing machine.

Bath towels

Also what’s the bet that you hang your towels up on the towel railing or rack, which is often placed close to your commode. This means that each time you flush, you are having splash back of toilet water and bacteria together with a bit of microscopic fecal matter landing on your towel.

So all in all, is it really that much of an ordeal to change your bed linen and towels weekly (well twice or thrice weekly for towels)? Isn’t it better to keep your skin healthy  and acne-free by improving on your personal hygiene? Well I certainly think so, which is why my bedroom smells like fresh laundry every night and I wake up with glowing irritation-free skin every morning!

Rant over, but I really do hope that you found the information useful. Have a great week ahead!