To celebrate their 150th Anniversary, Tabasco just released a new Diamond Reserve Hot Sauce, and it is spicy extravagance in a bottle.

They’ve dubbed it the “Champagne of pepper sauce” and are treating it as such. Namely, the hot sauce comes in a mini Champagne-style bottle, complete with that fancy gold foil on top and everything. 

A six ounce bottle of the anniversary hot sauce will cost you US$35. You know, about how much an actual bottle of Champagne might cost you. Or, like, three bottles of sparkling wine.

What does $35, Champagne-level fancy hot sauce taste like? According to Tabasco, the Diamond Reserve sauce is made with “the finest tabasco peppers on Avery Island,” which were selected based on colour, texture, and robustness. Only the best peppers were picked. The peppers were then mashed and aged up to 15 years. Finally, they were blended with sparkling white wine vinegar (hence the “Champagne” theme) making a hot sauce Tabasco claims has “exceptional complexity” but also that signature Tabasco flavour you’ve come to know and love.

Basically, it tastes like hot sauce. But, like, really good hot sauce…

If you’d like to find out more about Tabasco Sauce, how it’s made and where it comes from, watch Munchies’ Matty Matheson as he tours Louisiana, the hot sauce capital of the world…