Yes people its a new dawn – for those of us who love to wear sneakers but don’t much care for running – and love pizza but aren’t at home in the kitchen… our time has finally come.

If you haven’t heard of the Pizza Hut Pie Tops II (US$150,, you’re in for a slice of heaven. Pizza Hut has launched the second model of a limited-edition pair of sneakers that has a pizza ordering button. Yes, you’re reading me right, a pizza ordering button.

(Photo: Pizza Hut/Droga5)

The Pie Top 2.0 is a sequel to the original Pie Top, which came in a white colourway with red accents. Designed by sneaker customiser Dominic Chambrone aka The Shoe Surgeon, you could actually order pizza through high-top sneakers, by pressing a tab on its tongue branded with the Pizza Hut logo. For his second edition, the designer has added on the other tongue of the Pie Top 2.0’s a button to, if connected to an app on your smartphone, pause live TV — so you can collect your pizza without missing a single precious moment of it!

The high tops come in both red and wheat colours, and feature “cheese grater mesh” on the sides as well as “extreme marinara splash” motifs on the heel counters!

(Photo: Pizza Hut/Droga5)

Yep, this is actually a real thing – but you’d better rush to get your pair, ‘cos like a great slice of piping hot pepperoni pizza, they’re not going to be around for long…