Formed in 2014 by the collaboration between Queen of Pop, Madonna, and Japanese beauty company MTG – MDNA SKIN has finally arrived at our shores, with its first counter opening at Level 1, Takashimaya Department Store in mid-May.

Prior to developing MDNA SKIN, Madonna had to resort to skincare products that she didn’t like. “So, I decided that I wanted to develop a skincare line that I would actually use. That is how it all began.” shares Madonna, who has been actively involved in every step of the development of the product, from sourcing for the ingredients to the sleek, premium packaging.


The MDNA SKIN collection which is suitable for everyday use regardless of gender, ethnicity or skin type, comprises of nine products including the Rejuvenator Set, The Rose Mist and The Serum, all of which contain a blend of rich natural ingredients originating from Montecatini, a small town in Italy, renowned for its wellness and healing spa. Its latest addition, The Onyx Black, a contoured black-body carbon roller, performs miracles without the power of electricity just by the lift-and-hold motion of the rollers and emission of Far Infrared Rays from the carbon.

The Onyx Black retails at $490.

MDNA SKIN works exclusively with Montecatini to derive the essential beauty ingredient, M.T.PARCA Thermal Water and is the only skincare brand in the world that has been granted permission by the town of Montecatini to use it. It harnesses the power of nature as it is 100% naturally derived from the four wells of Montecatini.

The essential beauty ingredient, M.T.PARCA Thermal Water is found in all of MDNA SKIN’s products. These ceaselessly bubbling spring waters from deep underground are specifically combined and optimally balanced to bring out the therapeutic and restorative properties, invigorating the skin, giving it radiance and vitality.